Alteration of the Deferred SPM Examination 2020

Alteration of the Deferred SPM Examination 2020

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Request for Alteration of Deferred SPM EXAMINATION 2020

In reference to the above matter, we would like to arouse the attention and concerns of the public, mainly the students, parents, teacher and Ministry of Education (MOE) regarding the continuously deferred SPM examination that has caused a constant stress on candidates mentally and physically due to the ever changing date.
1. On 8th November 2020 (Sunday), MOE have announced to defer the SPM 2020 examination for the second time. We understand that it is a prudent decision made by the government after much deliberation, but we sincerely hope that the Ministry of Education would reconsider it upon the torment on student’s mentality and the aftermaths led by the uncertainties of this pandemic on the examination. It is now one month after the announcement is made, we did not come this far to approach such means despite the great pressure we are enduring until we discovered that the pandemic in Malaysia is aggravating to the extend that there are much more uncertainties about the disease and so affecting the examination.

2. Reasons we would like to request the MOE for alterations on SPM examination 2020:

—  student’s mental health

Below are the comments from the students and public :
As shown in the above articles and with our own personal experiences as current SPM 2020 examination’s candidates, we must say that it has been a long year for the students. Obviously, none of us have been expecting this pandemic. We truly understand that the MOE has made these decisions after much considerations that SPM certificate is a significant qualification to all Malaysians as a standard for every school, college, universities , institutions and more to gauge the quality of the applicants , so we believe this is one of the main reasons for the MOE to continuously defer it. However, it is also an undeniable truth that the SPM candidate 2020 are facing great pressure under this decision.

* There have been debates about the efficiency of learning online and the difficulties many students are facing with the access to the Internet. Under the current circumstances, the results of the SPM examination will definitely not be a fair one. For instance, many students may not be receiving online classes all this while, or simply having no access to the Internet at all and more. While the deferring SPM examination date may come off as harmless for some,  students are under enormous pressure having to cope with the syllabus whilst rebuilding their confidence and passion in their studies.
* Students are being constantly anxious about the examination. Despite the best efforts of the government and schools to adapt to this crisis, student’s learning has been drastically impacted by the irregular schooling days. It is a vicious cycle, students not going to school ,losing their passion for study, going back to school ,coping their syllabus and rebuilding their confidence with a new examination date, then being knock down again with the uncertain exam dates. A 5-year war becoming endless. There are even possibilities of another rescheduling with the aggravating  pandemic recently.This too puts SPM candidates at a disadvantage compared to other candidates with different qualifications which is totally unfair for us. The amount of time we spent for this examinations along with the uncertainties which makes us ever so stressed and anxious is really too much to be justified.  Mental health is not something we can judge subjectively but it should be made known that it is just as important as our physical health. We,as the involved party, sincerely hoped the MOE would firstly take our health into account ,physically and mentally. We do hope the MOE can look into alternatives or other forms of qualifications to replace the deferred  SPM examination.

prolonged school years

Usual intakes by colleges in Malaysia:


With the deferring  SPM examination dates, the SPM candidates also need to bear the consequences of missing the early intakes of colleges and have a later graduation from pre-universities courses than usual. In the sense of A-level courses, schools usually offer January intakes (usually 18 months course, expectedly graduate on June 2022 , going to uni on Aug-Sept 2022) and August intakes( usually 24 months course ,expectedly graduate on June 2023, going to university on Aug-Sept 2022). When it comes to this situation with the deferred SPM examination, students can only go for the August intakes ,which also means that they can only apply for universities on the year 2023. For your information , the tuition fees for pre-universities  depends on the number of terms or semester. The deferred SPM examinations date has certainly affected most of the students’ planning for their future studies, whilst they are also forced to bear the extra 6-month’s fees which can come off as a huge burden for a lot of families out there.

 — students are exposed to the danger of COVID-19 disease

With the rocketing diagnosed figures in Malaysia, it is certain that all of us understand the monstrosity of this disease. We truthfully hope that the government would reconsider the decision of continuing the written SPM examination, and  replace it with other alternatives. As sincere as we hope the pandemic would be rectified  as soon as possible, we hope that the MOE would not take the risk to put the students in such danger. There are already a few confirmed cases among students. What if there are unknown cases among students who are sitting for the written SPM examinations? Will all the students in the same examination room be quarantined? Then what to do with the SPM examination they are already sitting for? If worse comes to worst, infected groups would definitely develop and grow, subsequently worsen the current pandemic situation and knock down the country’s health and economic system. The uncertainties with this pandemic is torturing everyone, but please do not make the people pay the price. There are thousands of students taking the SPM examination, so there are thousands of unpredictabilities. We have experienced schooling during this period, and the truth is that there is always someone who does not follow the rules, and the possibility of cross infection is higher than what we can expect.  Children are the future of a country. Please do not allow further loss to our country.

3. As mentioned above, we truly understand that SPM qualification is very important  for the students. However, please take into consideration that this year is totally an unexpected year. It is wise to be flexible and see this as a special case by looking for alternatives instead of the written examination.

Solution 1:

take forecast results from schools as official SPM results (specifications could be mentioned on the certificate)

Colleges and universities can organise ONLINE entrance examinations or qualification examinations for scholarships applications

We understand that the foremost concern that causes the MOE to not cancel but continue deferring the SPM examination is that there are schools which have not carry out their trial examination. In this case,

>> The previous in-school results and trial results (those who have it) could  be delivered to the MOE and a substitutive SPM result could be made  


>> Schools can provide forecast or provisional results where the school predict the students’ grades according to their past year results which is applicable as conditional offer when students apply for scholarships or admission of colleges and universities.
Entrance Examination is the mode for getting admission into various undergraduate, post graduate and profession degree courses. The main purpose of conducting entrance exam is to judge the student’s abilities, sharpness, knowledge etc. Aptitude tests are definitely the best way to clear up the worries of the public regarding the students’ abilities . Most of the universities or colleges provide entrance examinations for selected students and for this year, we may make it as a compulsory examinations for enrolments of colleges.
 This is a fair state,that every one is at the same starting point, universities and institutions could then further make their decisions with the entrance examinations and substitutive SPM results.
 Solution 2:

SPM Ulangan 2020/2021

Taking into considerations that most students are concern about their previous in-school results and trial examination result,

>> the MOE can make the official SPM certificate a compulsory, but students can still be given a chance to take the actual written SPM examination with the usual SPM Ulangan dates ( hopefully the pandemic is relieved and the examination can be conducted safely ).

With this, students are able to follow their original planning for their studies at ease, while it is also fair for the students that have put their hope on the SPM examination for better results.

Below are the references of the cancellation of other qualification examinations :


PM says Grade 12 exams cancelled, all students pass

COVID-19: Indonesia batal peperiksaan sekolah, tidak galak balik kampung sambut Aidilfitri | Berita Harian

IGCSE, O Level, A Level exams in May and June now cancelled | New Straits Times

May 2020 examinations will no longer be held

There are many cases of cancellation of examinations which are of the same level as SPM or even higher than it. We believe these decisions are wisely made, that all of them are in considerations of the students’ health mentally and physically.

According to YBhg. Dato’ Hj.Pkaharuddin Bin Hj.Ghazali ( lembaga peperiksaan)  on 30th December 2020 during the agenda awani with Astro channel,

We understand that the main concern of the MOE is about the 15% students who have not carried out their trial examinations and also the fairness of these solutions. In our opinion, the fairness of this examination no longer exists when the students do not receive the same durations and quality of teaching as this pandemic affects the schooling period of different states and schools. Hence, an absolute fair solution for this examination is definitely a pipe dream, not to be mentioned that having deferred examination dates only for red zone areas is totally giving chances to the leakage of examination questions.
All in all , we hope that the MOE and public would put the students’ mental and physical health first despite all the debates regarding the consequences of not having an actual SPM examination. We must say that the world is always an ever-changing place with so much uncertainties , but it is how we look upon it ,to cope and solve it. We believe that the government is in sincere care about our safety and would not take the risk to further cause any unfortunate situation, so please take into account the students’ sentiments and reconsider other flexible alternatives for the SPM examination 2020.
Sincere regards,
SPM candidates 2020.






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