Keep this family in the place they call home!

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This grieving family needs your support.

Recently my Uncle-in-law lost his partner to an illness. Now, he is the sole carer of three children his partner fostered when the children were babies. This home is the only one these kids have known.

As if that wasn't hard enough on all of them, the WA Department of Housing (Homeswest) has told my Uncle that he and the children must be relocated to a smaller home. Why? Because their home has five rooms, and there is now only four of them.

These beautiful kids have just lost the person they called Mum. They believe she is still in the home as she passed away there. Now, Homeswest wants to kick these grieving kids out of their home, ripping them away from the place they feel closest to their foster mother.

My Uncle is very worried that moving house and uprooting the children from their Schools and their friends will affect their mental well-being. His Sister lives over the road, and a number of family members only minutes away.

Please, sign and share our petition. Help us keep this family in the place they know as home. Let's stand up to the WA Department of Housing and ask them to have a little heart.