Keep ‘The Clink’ Restaurant Cardiff’ open!

Keep ‘The Clink’ Restaurant Cardiff’ open!

6 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Matthew Skinner

Yesterday 6/9/22 Wales online reported that ‘The Clink’ Restaurant on the site of Cardiff Prison is due to shut for good (Please see the article below)

Please sign the petition to oppose the closing of the restaurant that has previously allowed 400 ex-offenders to rehabilitate into a trade and better chances of reforming and finding employment on release.

Having previously worked briefly within a Prison with  an aim of supporting offenders to brush up on work related skills, a focus and self esteem , I was shocked at the supposed courses and employment schemes I was to refer prisoners on to weren’t actually running.

Society can sometimes frown upon giving second chances and such initiatives to people that commit a crime although it is all within the public’s interest to see ex-offenders be given an opportunity to rehabilitate.

Becoming positive members of the community benefits themselves, their families by being able to contribute to society.

‘The Clink’ has a number of restaurants open throughout the UK so why take this successful initiative away from Cardiff and Wales when the restaurant has received rave customer reviews for around a decade when the reasons for its closure is apparently only due to the lease not being able to be renewed?

Do we really want offenders upon finishing their sentence, being released back into the community with less employment opportunities resulting in re-offending and a never ending revolving door of repeated criminal behaviour?

The 7 Pathways (listed below)to reducing reoffending theory  below has proven examples of what environmental factors are needed in an ex-offender’s life upon release to reduce the likelihood of committing future crime (Employment & Education being one).

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Attitudes, thinking and behaviour.
  3. Children and family.
  4. Drugs and alcohol.
  5. Education, training and employment.
  6. Finance, benefit and debt.
  7. Health


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Thank you in advance 


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Signatures: 909Next Goal: 1,000
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