Keep Source Empowered Wellness in Business

Keep Source Empowered Wellness in Business

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Larry Michel started this petition to City of San Diego Major Todd Gloria and

Source Empowered Wellness is a well-respected community-supported female-owned and run Health and Wellness practice in Pacific Beach since 2015. Despite reduced facility space due to COVID-19 this Pacific Beach clinic has stayed open to serve the community with Personal Care, Beauty, Holistic Health Care, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic services. 

The City of San Diego Code Enforcement-Zoning Department issued a citation saying that the business is not permitted in the location in which they have served over 10,000 customers, and have been licensed and paying taxes for the last 6 years.

Additionally, the Zoning Department has issued in the same citation, the need for minor building permits that were required to use previously unusable garage space for additional treatment areas to compensate for the severe reduction in space due to COVID-19.

Even though Source Empowered Wellness, their attorney, and a well-respected civil engineer have shown the city that the business license and use are permissible, they have ignored all protests, statements of fact, and the City of San Diego's Business Licensing Department's affirmative determination. Instead, they have demanded that SEW spend tens of thousands of dollars on actions to rectify their code enforcement officer's faulty claims. These enormous and unnecessary expenses will fiscally force the business to shut its doors permanently. This would be a huge loss to the Pacific Beach community and the City of San Diego of a well-loved, supported and respected business.

Not to mention the loss of jobs for a devoted team of professionals and staff who have worked tirelessly to provide affordable 5-star care from morning to evening, six days a week for the last 6 years.

We call upon the City of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, Pacific Beach City Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell, the City of San Diego's zoning department, and Coastal Commission Executive Director John Ainsworth to step in and correct the erroneous accusations made by the San Diego zoning Department, to correct the citation filed on June 4, 2021 to address only building permit issues which Source Empowered Wellness has been prepared to resolve, as long as the services that are presently being delivered and have been provided to the community for more than 6 years are not in question.

What our customers have to say:

Source Empowered Wellness has served more than 10,000 customers and has more 5-star reviews than any other service of its kind in the city. 

Below is a small selection of the 100s of comments from our clients.

"I recently went in with a tweaked back and two days later it feels like nothing happened. We are lucky to have a place like this in our community that provides affordable services. Simone and the team are always attentive and take the time to listen to you. I would highly recommend trying this place if you haven't been yet. Thanks for always making me feel better!"
- Nicole G

"I ventured in one day not really knowing what to expect but it's been nothing short of amazing. Simone is always someone I look forward to seeing as she provides nothing but exceptional healthcare through her services. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, and extremely nurturing. As an athlete and teacher, I've had issues with everything from muscular tension and strains to anxiety-related issues, tension headaches, and of course common occurrences of cold symptoms.

I can say that when I'm sick and she treats me, I feel better much quicker. I've been able to see more progress in the gym as well. Overall, great experience. :)
- Sean M.

"I've seen Dr. Simone now for a few years off and on with a big break in between when I got caught up with being a new mom and kind of forgot how incredible acupuncture is. Dr. Simone is intuitive and skilled. The moment she begins her work, I feel a flood of healing relaxation. No matter what question I ask her, she always has a thoughtful response that makes it clear that she cares. I feel that I am in excellent hands with her and her work has made a distinct impact for me in different areas of life."
- Christine W

“Source Empowered Wellness has changed my life!  I started coming here about a year ago to reduce the puffiness and wrinkles around my eyes and lift the chin area for my daughter’s wedding.  I was considering Botox and had no idea that there was this natural method of micro-dermal needling and cosmetic acupuncture of addressing these issues effectively. The sense of euphoria and relaxation as well as clarity was worth it in itself.  I will continue to go to bring clarity and purify my system.  It is a great place and a fabulous experience.  I hate needles and thought I would have a hard time with this, but no so.  I love coming here weekly and always leave feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.   My skin looks better than ever, and the wrinkles and puffiness are gone.  Dr. Simone has also got rid of a few sunspots on my face.  Thank you Source Empowered Wellness!!”
- Ella Kargman

“As someone who has worked in the massage field, I can appreciate fully new and amazing ways for not only rejuvenation, but a full nervous system reset.  I feel so relaxed and renewed after each session – I love the red-light therapy!  And my skin, which had some damage from acne scars has a much more even and youthful look and feel.  My friend got me into trying acupuncture (I can't even stand needles!). I was so surprised that it was nothing like I'd ever imagined- the micro-dermal needling session did have some intensity so I choose to use the numbing cream and then it didn't hurt at all! Thank you to the Source Team – Sharron is incredibly knowledgeable and gentle.  BTW, you definitely save by signing up for their Glam Up and Glow membership which includes all the perks of micro-dermal needling and two cosmetic acupuncture sessions in the lounge – PLUS you get discounts on massage and cupping.  It might be the best deal in town for this service!”
-Ryan Foronda

“I have had multiple sessions at Source Empowered Wellness and I was always impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, and the quality of care that the staff provided. The best experience was to receive Facial Rejuvenation from Dr. Simone Ressner. She did micro-needling on my face, an infrared lamp massaged my face with serums, also addressed my overall health with acupuncture. I was told that for better results I needed multiple sessions though I could see the difference right away! My skin looked smoother and younger. FYI, I don't recommend going on a date after you receive the micro-needling treatment as you may feel tenderness and some redness may come up. I absolutely recommend getting a micro-needling session from SEW!!!”
-Maryna Smolnikava

“I came to Source Empowered Wellness a few months ago for some digestive issues that had been dictating my life for about 2 years with no answers in sight. I was battling inflammation, nausea, fatigue, and brain fog among other symptoms, and within a month of acupuncture treatment and herbs, I was feeling the most like myself in 2 years. I am so grateful to have found this clinic and to be getting my life back. Not only has my self-esteem returned, but I’m also more comfortable being seen in public than I have been in years. It sounds funny to say this, but I feel beautiful again. Source Empowered Wellness takes the time to understand its patients and offers the space for healing. I look forward to my weekly appointments and can't wait to see how I feel in a few months!”
-Savanna Thompson

“I have been battling horrible psoriasis since I was a young child. I can’t even speak to how much it impacted my life, almost always in tears and afraid to get close, be seen, or even be touched by another person. 2 years ago, I began acupuncture and herbal treatments with Source Empowered Wellness. I was reluctant at first, being afraid of needles and honestly not believing it would make a difference. (My father forced me to go and I’m so glad he did.) I am now 23-years old, my skin is better than it has ever been, I have a boyfriend, and although there is plenty to cry about these days, none of my concerns are about my body. I feel attractive for the first time in my life. Thank you Source!”
-Katherine Michel

"I am so grateful and lucky to have found Source Empowered Wellness! The practitioners here are overflowing with compassion and knowledge. An accident at the tide pools wrenched my lower back, the kind of pain where I couldn't walk, only crawl - for over a day. Steroids and muscle relaxants from a physician didn't touch the spasm. I went into SEW and Lynsi got me needled up and set up cups on my back. I immediately felt a little better, and she gave me great tips on biomechanics and explained treatments and the injury in a caring way.

In subsequent days, the back pain was still pretty intense so I went back for more treatments. (Pro tip: Get the unlimited deal for new patients! It's such a relief to be able to go as needed without worrying about costs adding up. Especially if you have an acute situation - get the unlimited deal, and go as often as you can!) I saw Simone, and was surprised when she had me sit in a chair for treatment - like, how was that going to help my back?

No doubt Simone has the credentials via education and experience to explain why she's so very good at what she does, but it also feels like she has an innate sense of what people need - physically but also emotionally. She set up needles along various spots on the front of my body, and I swear I could feel little whirlpools happening, moving around, and literally releasing... A bit of emotional release happened too (I cried, like, a lot, because sometimes pain is scary!) and she was very reassuring, offering some insights that I didn't know I needed to hear.

Four days of treatment (from both Lynsi and Simone) after the initial spasm and it's settling down, and I am *sure* that would not be the case without the team at SEW. I wish I hadn't hurt my back in the first place, but I'm happy that it led me to a place with caring, affordable treatment. They are miracle workers."
- Catherine S

Trent Habstritt, the chiropractor at the Cass Street facility has a constant flow of loyal customers from the local community. Here are couple of testimonials from his 100's of raving fans:

“Trent’s work is truly unmatched in this industry! As a professional model and commercial actress that has worked with countless beauty professionals in major cities within the US, EU, and South America, Trent has remained on the top of my list for so many reasons. I’ve been hooked to his array of beauty treatments for years after originally trying a cold laser treatment on my skin! The results were amazing and they showed on camera, instantly! Along with cold laser treatments, I began working with him to correct my posture after noticing that I would slouch on television. After years of consistently maintaining treatment, my posture has tremendously improved and has even, allowed me to work longer days on set, shooting commercials. I will never stop coming to see Trent for all my beauty needs and making me look forever youthful!”
- C H A N E L   L A U R E N
| The Big Kahuna (aka. CEO) of Born To Beach™ |

“My name is Daniela Cheptene, I am a patient of Dr. Trent Habstritt; I’ve been a patient for about 3 years. I have been struggling with back and shoulder acne ever since I can remember and Dr. Habstritt suggested the use of his laser along with adjustments to treat me for this condition and its worked miracles in my life; my acne has completely cleared. Furthermore, I have gotten a breast augmentation and Dt. Habstritt shared that the use of a laser can also help speed up healing and reduce the appearance of scars so I started to get my scar treated as well and I can honestly say that I don’t have any scarring left from the surgery. With the help of Dr. Habstritt I started feeling more confident in my appearance. Thank you for your time.”
-Daniela Cheptene

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!