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I am disgusted and angered to see the City of Ottawa by-law fine local businesses such as Vittoria Trattoria restaurant and Saunder's Farm who were trying to operate outdoors.  Proper precautions were being taken and the rate of Covid transmission was very low.  In fact, indoor dining should also be allowed.  Those citizens most at risk know better and stay home, while everyone else can and should go about their daily lives with the usual proper precautions of masks and social distancing.   

If you keep listening to the Health Departments, nothing will be open and our economy and social life will cease to exist as we knew it.  You have taken a short term remedy to a longer term problem.  In the meantime, many businesses have already closed permanently, such as the following Italian restaurants on Preston St. alone: Allegro, DiVino Wine Studio and Il Primo.  

Jobs, livelihoods, taxes and economic development will be lost for thousands of business owners, employees, landlords, as well as municipalities.

Since there is no dine-in option (except outdoors in the cold), most of the business is pickup and delivery.  Delivery apps are profiting significantly.  With the current rates being between 20%-30%, most of the profits go to the delivery apps, while restaurant owners are struggling to keep employees and their doors open.

Bars and Restaurants account for only 2 % of COVID-19 outbreaks in Ottawa.  This data calculated since August 1 was just released today, Oct. 29, in a Modelling Update report from the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table (see PDF link below and pie graph).

This proves that the latest closing of restaurants in October was almost completely useless in the province's efforts to reduce Covid cases.

Therefore, I ask that you discontinue any future restaurant closures and stop the use of local by-laws to try to enforce these needless measures.

Once you have signed this petition, it would also be very helpful if you followed up by sending it (you can just simply copy and paste it) to the officials listed below.  You can either send an email from your account or if you prefer, use the links provided.

Ontario's Medical Officer of Health is recommending new restaurant closures, particularly in Toronto, and more restrictions in Orange zones such as Ottawa.  I believe that all 3 of the Medical Officers of Health listed here have a great deal of influence over local mayors, as well as Premier Doug Ford. 

We do not want to go ever go back to restaurant closures or lockdowns, especially now that the weather is forcing most people inside.  I would therefore suggest, you also email these 3 individuals, letting them know the case against further shutdowns.

Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa Medical Officer of Health

Dr. David Williams, Ontario Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada Medical Officer of Health

City of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson        613-580-2496

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford

Minister of Health Christine Elliot

Minister of Economic Development and Job Creation Vic Fedeli

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"Vittoria Trattoria faces $800 fine for patio tent violations":

Pub Italia and Del Piacere restaurants on Preston Street were both fined $880 over the November weekend by Ottawa Bylaw for a violation with the patio.

"Saunders Farm fined $3,500 for violating COVID-19 rules, shifts Frightfest to drive-thru experience"

"Fratelli restaurant in Kanata struggles with returned COVID-19 restrictions":