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Keep LGBT History In CA Schools!

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This is Jonah Mowry and Alyssa Rodemeyer.

We are:

A 14 year old gay teen who's been bullied in school to the edge of suicide (before 8 million people expressed their support for LGBT kids through my YouTube video). 

And, the 17 year old sister of Jamey Rodemeyer, who was so bullied in school and online over his sexual orientation he killed himself.

We represent thousands of Monster March Against Bullying teenagers throughout California and the country including the more than 100 American bullied teens who've committed suicide just since 2009 (See our "Teens We've Lost" Gallery  at

Our bullied brothers, sisters, best friends and peers are jumping in front of trains, throwing themselves off bridges...  poisoning, starving, hanging or shooting themselves to escape the pain of severe sexual harassment in schools and everywhere it never stops.

By signing this petition, you are helping us protect a new California law that will help save teens of all sexual orientation from deadly bullying. The law is called The "California FAIR Education Act."  It simply says our state's history books will start including LGBT history in them. Until January of this year, our school text books were still being written to keep important LGBT knowledge from us.  Ignorance causes fear. Fear causes hate and harassment. And it shows up in class as rage.

Think about it.

Can most teenagers name a historical LGBT happening? Probably not. When LGBT history is taught in our routine lessons, it will become "normal."  We'll accept it for what it is. LGBT teens will be accepted for who they are. No more of the bullying that's killing us and keeping us ditching school. Right now, every teenager knows "Gay" is the number one insult you can call a peer. Ninety percent of LGBT teens say they've been seriously bullied at school. LGBT teens are four times as likely to commit suicide. 

The California FAIR Education Act is the correct answer.

Unfortunately, even before our new law has had a chance to work, haters are trying to toss it onto a ballot to be overturned by voters. Help us stop them.

Please sign this important petition. And we encourage your comments as you sign!

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                          

Jonah Mowry and Alyssa Rodemeyer                                                                                                                                             

For All Monster March Against Bullying youth                                                                  





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