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Petitioning Mayor, City of Southwest Ranches Jeff Nelson and 10 others

Keep ICE & CCA's detention center out of Southwest Ranches, Florida.


Southwest Ranches is a small rural town within Broward County, FL which is set to be the new home for one of the nation's largest immigration detention facilities.

Corrections Corporations of America, better known as CCA, has purchased land within the city with hopes to accommodate the 1,500 bed facility. The plans for this immigration facility have been kept under wraps for almost a decade now, with little to no information being distributed to the Southwest Ranches residents.

Even more disturbing is the fact that CCA tried to quietly increase the number of beds within the detention center, eventually scrapping the idea, and has yet to publish its land plot on the town's charter or website. 

Recently small coalitions of individuals have voiced their opposition against the construction of this detention facility. However, as the controversy continues to propagate, neighboring cities are gathering support in order to prevent the construction of the federally funded and privately managed detention center.

Congressmen and Senators are already weghing in on the matter. Politics will continue to plagues the the red hot button issue of immigration, but that has not stopped some politicans from endorsing or opposing the detention facility.

In hopes to turn a small profit per inmate, are the officials from the town of Southwest Ranches prepared to separate families and promote CCA's abusive practices? You bet. 

I ask that you join me in telling Southwest Ranches officials and CCA that we do not want or need their prison or jobs in our county.


Letter to
Mayor, City of Southwest Ranches Jeff Nelson
Senator Marco Rubio
Representative Alcee Hastings
and 8 others
State Representative Jared Moskowitz
State Senator Maria Sachs
Senator Bill Nelson
Southwest Ranches Council Member - District 4 Freddy Fisikelli
Southwest Ranches Council Member - District 3 Doug McKay
Southwest Ranches Council Member - District 2 Gary Jablonski
Southwest Ranches Council Member - District 1 Steve Breitkreuz
Governor Richard Scott
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Town of Southwest Ranches & Corrections Corporation of America.

We are asking for your support in order to prevent the construction of a Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) prison within the Town of Southwest Ranches in Broward Country, Florida.

Currently, CCA plans to build one of the nation's largest immigrant detention facilities in hopes of helping Southwest Ranches turn a profit for every inmate. However, CCA has been known to have questionable practices when it comes to the health and proper care of their inmates, which has sometimes even resulted in the deaths of some of their prisoners.

With the plans for the facility being kept from the eyes of the public for over a decade, the town of officials and CCA are moving along the plans to build the detention facility despite public outcry from neighboring cities and current Southwest Ranches residents.

I urge you to take a look at what is really going on in Southwest Ranches, along with CCA's practices, and prevent the construction of this facility.


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