Help me protect my child from the man who tried to kill me

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A judge tells a woman she is going to have to co parent with the man who tried to kill her.

Experts say “this child was sexually abused.” The court awards the abuser custody.

 A judge acknowledges that a father abused a child, but says that the mother's attempt to save the child is worse, so the abusive father is given custody.

It sounds impossible, but it happens every day. Every year, 58,000 good, protective parents find themselves either coparenting or losing custody to a dangerous parent.

58,000 children every year sentenced to unimaginable suffering.

Federal Resolution H. Con 72 will help fix this, by recommending states adopt a “health and safety” standard, which leaves no room for tolerating abuse, and that courts have a minimal understanding of domestic violence and child abuse.

Stand up for 58,000 children today and sign this petition because one child is too many.