Keep carlmont dance performances as part of class curriculum.

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We the students and adults of Carlmont Dance—and those concerned with this new change—sign this petition in response against the Administrative decision to remove Carlmont Dances co-curricular status. We strongly believe that Carlmont Dance provides an incredible opportunity for a wide variety of dancers based on skill level and style of dance, to come together and change as a unit. Not only does this class provide a unique experience and very special bonds and memories for the students to move forward with, it also rounds out the Carlmont education system. Our Carlmont community takes pride is being an accepting environment for all students. And that includes providing a safe space for students of all backgrounds—regardless of gender, race, or interests—and that safe space for us dancers is the dance studio. There we are free to learn, dance, and grow. Without this program we become a facility lacking an organization that represents many students. Although we understand the dance program will remain intact with several curriculum changes, we strongly believe that the performance aspect of the class is what represents us best. That way we can show what we have learned and created, but without this right we can no longer demonstrate to the school who we are and who we strive to become. In order to maintain this valuable Carlmont community within the dance program, and as a whole school, the students and adults (in any way) affiliated with Carlmont Dance have decided to respectfully protest the administration's decision, and encourage the administration to reconsider their reasoning behind this, so we can come to a peaceful and reasonable compromise.