Expand Good Samaritan Laws to include pets in AL, allowing car windows to be broken.

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On July 4, 2018, a dog named Sky was left in a sweltering car in the Trussville, AL Wal-Mart parking lot with the windows rolled up for 7 HOURS while her owner shopped. Bystanders could not legally break the car's windows even though they could see the dog was suffering. Good Samaritan Laws in Alabama do not currently apply to pets. Police arrived but were unable to break the windows right away due to that police department's policy. The policy is that they attempt to locate the owner and if that fails, they must get permission from a supervisor. My argument is that that takes way too long when an animal is suffering. It should have been legal for those bystanders at Wal-Mart to break that window to get the dog out. We MUST expand the Alabama Good Samaritan Law to include pets so that no other dog has to suffer any more than he or she already has. It would be nice to call it Sky's Law. Thank you for your concern about and support of this issue, and thank you for signing!