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Stop Marineland from Abusing Innocent Lives

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It is likely that you have heard of Marineland, that amazing place for children to go and see wonderful animals, ride roller coasters and have a great time. But did you hear that Marineland abuses their animals?

The bears are eating moldy produce and fly infested fish. The whales are separated from their children and raised in a small tank, sick and injured deer that were supposed to be cared for by Marineland were left to die and the deer´s pens are never cleaned. If you don't believe me, take it from someone who used to work at Marineland and see how the dolphins are really treated.

What we are proposing today is for Marineland to shut down forever and to never be allowed to care for animals ever again. Animals are not meant to be tortured for entertainment, they are kind, gentle and amazing beings and they deserve as much love as the rest of us. If you sign this petition together we will help protect these lives.

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Here are multiple articles on Marineland published by Huffington Post Canada

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