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The St.Lawrence Beluga is beautiful and playful creature that inhabits itself along the St.Lawrence Estuary. These belugas were at an initial population of over 10,000, however, in the recent years, due to numerous threats, the population declined to less than 900. A new threat looms over belugas as TransCanada Corporation plans to build a pipeline to export oil from the tar sands, with an oil port in Cacouna, at the heart of the habitat deemed essential to the survival of this species. If the construction of the pipeline begins, then the belugas will face many great challenges in their fight to survive and reproduce.

First of all, the noise disturbances caused by drilling during construction will result in temporary and permanent changes to their hearing threshold. As a result, these mammals will lose the ability to communicate and search for prey efficiently. Noise disturbances will also result in an increase number of deaths in newborn calves, this is due to its separation from the mother as she falls ill from the disturbances. In worst cases, these disturbances will result in deaths of both young and adult belugas.

Once these charming creatures are gone, they will never make a return. Let's do what we can NOW to save these friendly, white as snow companions!

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