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We don't need a wider Queensway

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Widening the 417 will hurt neighbourhoods in the heart of Ottawa by adding pollution, noise, and increased pressure on already overburdened feeder streets.  

Compared to most cities, Ottawa does not have a traffic problem. Yes the 417 slows down at rush hours, but that’s only at peak periods and only for a brief time. 

Even so, studies show that road widening leads only to increased demand, and that soon traffic will grow to fill the void until the 417 is clogged again at rush hour.

Worst of all, widening the 417 calls into question the Ontario government's commitment to combat climate change. Here's what the Ontario government's Climate Change website says: "Ontario is building transit friendly cities to cut down on vehicle emissions and helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint." How will widening the 417 cut down on vehicle emissions? Inducing commuters to use cars as an alternative to the LRT does not seem to be a good way to encourage use of the LRT.

So why waste millions on a highway widening plan that contributes to climate change, harms Ontario's investment in light rail, hurts neighbourhoods, and won't work? 


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