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On Thursday April 28, a local Sudbury, Ontario rescuer was notified by the superintendent of an apartment building that 3 cats, 10 newborn kittens and a rabbit had been abandoned by a tenant. The rescuer immediately called the 310 SPCA emergency number.  She was told that abandoned animals in an apartment are not the "problem of OSPCA they are the problem of the landlord" and "OSPCA had no authority to rescue abandoned animals".  This information was later confirmed by Maureen Barclay, Animal Control Supervisor at the OSPCA head office in Newmarket, ON who claimed that due to the Landlord Tenant Act, OSPCA has no authority to enter a residence to rescue abandoned animals.

The OSPCA Act trumps every other Act in Ontario when it comes to animals and they have never been stopped by the Landlord & Tenant Act. If they require a warrant in cases of emergency one is easily obtained with a call to a justice of the peace and a TeleWarrant is available within the hour.

When it was clear OSPCA would not rescue the cats, kittens and rabbit, rescuers went in with the superintendent and took 2 Mother cats and 10 kittens to safety. There was one dead kitten found on the sofa surrounded by garbage. Unfortunately they had to leave one adult cat and an emaciated bunny behind but returned the next morning to get them.

Tracy Lapping from the Sudbury branch of the OSPCA showed up around noon and told them they did not have the right to remove any animals. She went into the vacated apartment with the superintendent, viewed the horrific conditions of the trashed apartment, saw the one remaining cat and emaciated rabbit and left, leaving both animals behind. She instructed the superintendent that he was not to let anyone remove the remaining two animals.

Yes, you read the right. This OSPCA "inspector" Tracy Lapping saw the abandoned cat and emaciated rabbit and left them there. She never returned nor did anyone else from OSPCA.  Later that afternoon she subsequently contacted rescuers via email stating if anyone returns to the apartment to remove the remaining cat and rabbit, they risk being charged with obstruction under Section 11 (5) of the Ontario S.P.C.A. Act.

Despite the threat, rescuers removed the cat and rabbit in the early evening. The rabbit is in very poor shape and not expected to survive. The cat is being cared for.

Sudbury OSPCA won't do their job but they don't want anyone else to save animals at risk.  Are the animals of Ontario simply to be ignored and allowed to suffer and die without any attempt whatsoever to help them?  

Exactly what is it that OSPCA does?  Why do they claim to protect animals from cruelty when they inflict it themselves. This OSPCA agent blatantly ignored the condition of two abandoned and starving animals and willfully left them in distress. She did not fulfill even the most basic of her duties. Is that not cruelty as dictated in the Criminal Code of Canada and in the OSPCA Act?

In January 2016, the same branch refused to step in after tenants reported a dog being beaten by its owner. When OSPCA refused to look into the complaints, local police were called. The police took the dog from its owner and held onto it for a month waiting for OSPCA to pick it up. They never did. They said because the Police Department seized the dog, the investigation was compromised and the responsibility lies with the police. The police were forced to return the dog to its abusive owner. Ironically on the OSPCA website they tell you if you suspect animal cruelty contact local police.

We ask the Sudbury OSPCA be investigated and Tracy Lapping fired and charged with cruelty to animals under the OSPCA Act 

Obligations and Prohibitions re Care of and Harm to Animals Section 11:
11.2 (1) No person shall cause an animal to be in distress. 2008, c. 16, s. 8.



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