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Government of Ontario: Please Revoke Pit Bull Ban In Ontario

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We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, is hoping to urge individuals around the world to please play their active roles in helping us urge the Ontario Government to revoke the BSL in which they passed 11 years ago, banning pitbulls and mixed breeds of their kind.

In August of 2005, according to reports, the Ontario Government jumped on the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) bandwagon, despite the protests, campaigns and the countless outcries of individuals & organizations within the province and around the World.

The Government of Ontario seemed to have believed that turning towards the BSL ban was a possible solution in order to "keep society safe", but what they did not understand, or perhaps they did, was the number of inherent problems, issues and ineffectiveness that goes along with such legislation.

It was the agreement of having this ban placed that literally signed and sealed the death sentence of thousands of innocent lives within animal shelters, humane societies, and punishing responsible owners and their "fur-children", while irresponsible owners who wanted a "dangerous dog", as the stereotypes call this breed, to choose another kind, which puts more innocent breeds upon the list, and get away with their treatment & the way they raise these dogs, because it is the innocent canines that suffer.

Now such breeds have to be adopted outside the province, and according to sources, many of these breeds are brought into shelters and humane societies as strays, due to the strict rules and restrictions that the BSL places --- and those who do still reside within loving homes and families are now forced to be punished by wearing muzzles and discriminated against by society due to fear and ignorance, whether the breed is a threat or danger to society or not.

It is imperative to realize that even though "Pitbull" breeds are the main viewpoint of the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) any breed of dog can become a target of this discrimination, due to the fact that it is basically a bill that looks to ban or places restrictions in which are severe upon the owners of such specific breeds who have certain physical characteristics - whether or not the dog is a threat or problem within the community.

This Discrimination Against Innocent Life Needs To Be Stopped - and the Governments need to understand that there are alternative measures that can be taken in order to find solution to incidents of "dog attacks" instead of sentencing & punishing this certain breed or other breeds to such strict, unfair treatments and in some cases death.

We are confident and have hope that with your help and support we can achieve this goal and urge the Government to make the right choice by revoking the BSL ban within Ontario - for how can a Government who thinks about the "safety of society" ban an entire breed of innocent life and yet permit pedophiles, rapists, and murderers to live next door to us --


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