Fast-Track Funding Now for Bloor-Dufferin

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We, the undersigned, call on the Provincial Government to provide adequate funding to ensure that the massive private redevelopment of public land and public facilities at Bloor and Dufferin is not a disaster for our community.

This funding needs to be provided now, before the provincial election, to ensure that this development will include our community’s need for a robust community hub, adequate public green space, affordable housing, and a proper rebuild of Bloor Collegiate. Reinvestment in our community will ensure good planning.

The Provincial Government has approved the sale to a private developer of the 7.3 acres that Bloor Collegiate and Kent Public School sit on.  The developer is paying at least $121 million. The developer plans to build 2,200 expensive condo units of mainly one-bedroom and studio apartments.

Meanwhile, our community will lose historic community schools with auditoriums, meeting places and a swimming pool. We will also lose 7.3 acres of public land, public playing fields and public basketball courts.

This development should make our community better, not worse. The Province needs to act now to turn this development into a once-in-a-generation opportunity to sustain and strengthen our vibrant neighbourhood, rather than disrupt and diminish it.

We call upon Premier Kathleen Wynne to fast-track proper funding for this site BEFORE THE PROVINCIAL ELECTION.

We call upon the Premier to allocate $48.5 million for the following basic community needs, to ensure that this site serves as lasting asset for our community and for the City of Toronto for generations to come:

  1. At least $10 million of additional funds for the rebuild of Bloor Collegiate.
  2. Land (valued at $15 million) for a 200-unit building of deeply affordable and supported housing, in addition to 10% affordable units integrated into the proposed condo buildings.
  3. At least $16.5 million of additional funds for a community hub of 70,000 sq. feet as envisioned by the multi-stakeholder Community Hub Visioning Group.
  4. At least 0.5 acres of additional land (approx. $7 million) for public recreational green space to relieve the already overused Dufferin Grove Park.