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Cancel the sweetheart deal between the LCBO and The Beer Store

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A secret sweetheart deal is giving The Beer Store in Ontario an effective monopoly on certain types of beer – and consumers are paying more because of it.
How the secret deal hurts you:
The deal, which has been a secret for nearly 15 years and was only uncovered in December, outlines that: 

• Ontario liquor stores (the LCBO) can only sell beer in packs of six or less

• This gives foreign-owned The Beer Store a monopoly on 12 and 24 pack cases

• This deal means that the Beer Store can charge whatever price it wants for the larger cases and not have to worry about competitors

• This forces consumers and small businesses who buy beer at the LCBO to pay more per bottle and have less accessibility to beer and less choice on where to spend their money

What does the secret document say?

The document describes “Co-operation and planning” between the LCBO and The Beer Store.

• It also states that the LCBO will not sell certain types of beer to restaurants and bars. This allows brewers to gouge restaurants with higher-than-retail prices. Customers pay more as a result.

What you can do:
The leaked document allows for the deal to be cancelled by giving six months written notice.
By signing this petition, you are urging Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to cancel this deal and allow Ontarians to get better access and lower prices for beer.

Post your thoughts to social media using the hashtag #CanTheDeal.

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