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Grandparents Rights

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Update: Currently working with Legislator to change laws for grandparents and children. I have learned this petition does nothing. Speaking with legislators does more than petitions on It is a great start for someone who knows no better. I have learned go after legislators, lawmakers and such yourself. It is much better. With this said I want to Thank EVERYONE for supporting. The support does not stop here. Please visit:

for future information on the progress of new laws. I am so happy that I am going to make a difference for every child and grandparent!!!


Laura Roberts



I like to start off by you getting to know who I am. My name is Laura Roberts. I will be 50 years young on Mother's Day this year. Imagine how my grandparents felt the day I was born!!! I have 5 grandchildren, one is a lil angel looking over us all. I am from a suburb in upstate New York called South Glens Falls.  February 2, 2017 I was served court papers. I am currently a victim of my grandchildren not being allowed to partake with me. Today is February 28, 2017, it is almost a month without the hugs,laughter,seeing, playing, overnights and dinner dates with my grandchildren. There is an ongoing court issue. The fact that I have an order protection I can not discuss details not even on the internet.  However one day I will share the full story with everyone.It is said you never know the true pain until you are faced with it yourself. Boy.. how that saying is true for everything in life. Yes, I do have first hand experience on this issue at hand. Grandparents Rights.

I have learned so far that many states have used the case Troxel v. Granville as a platform for building the laws now in place. This case as I understand short version is as follows: The couple were involved and living together. They had 2 daughters, ended the relationship. Father moves in with his parents, visitation on regular basis in his parents home, he commits suicide, the grandparents continue normal visitation, the mother of children wanted to cease all but 1 visit a month. The process begins court battle as we all know to well. I have qualms with this being the platform so to speak for the current day laws. First, this case was back in 2000. Society is NOT the same today. Nor are our children raising our grandchildren. Secondly, saying a child is "property" and that parents rights are being infringed upon according to the Fourteenth Amendment. Children are NOT a thing. Property is defined as a thing(s) belonging to someone: possessions collectively. Third, this case has not clearly demonstrated in my opinion why the grandparent is not just as important anymore. Lastly, I feel a grandparent is defined such as : A parent of a parent whom has a future adult, one with more experience firsthand, one who has made mistakes and learned from them, overcome hurdles, a taxi, a babysitter, one who speaks up, protects, improves, all done in a loving and concerning way.

I have started this group:  to help educate me as well as all other grandparents in this terrible grey area of the laws set forth today for grandparents. I am here today to exercise and bring forward issues to correct the grey areas of these grandparent laws as well as have laws acknowledge children's rights, after all they are our future adults. I will do my best to be heard for every state so it will be black and white. I believe every child tells it as they see or hear it. The saying "Kids say the darndest things", well..boy do they ever...hahaha. A child's voice should be heard.  Law guardians  need not worry bout the parents and concentrate more on the child. Of course an infant or toddler can not say I want to go. However there is no reason why the grandparent should be denied. That is crucial bonding time.  I am only one grandparent asking for support from others to make this happen. I will strive to have every state eliminate the grey areas and update these laws. I have a goal so EVERY grandparent will NOT be forgotten and they can enjoy the golden years spending quality time, enjoyable time and not have to worry bout grandparents not having "limited" rights. 

We need 100 thousand signatures to make this happen.. I PROMISE to be the voice for every grandparent and child in this country!!  Soooo. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

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