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Jai jawaan, jai kisaan, bhaad mein jaaye bhookha insaan?

 Wasting precious food must not become a part of our culture in India while there are millions of Indians that go hungry every day. We must stop the La Tomatina festivals in Bangalore and Mysore. They've been banned in Delhi due to public protest and we can ban it Karnataka.

 The organisers have claimed that they are organising this La Tomatina festival in Bangalore and Mysore because farmers in Kolar had to throw away a bumper crop due to fall in prices. According to them, the solution is to buy tomatoes and throw them at each other so they can draw a profit from mis-lead youth and unfortunate farmers, while the hungry are still hungry. The India State Hunger Index (ISHI) reports that 17 states including Karnataka come under the alarming hunger index. We are not rich like the Spanish and nor do we have a culture or history of such a festival. 

Let's call on our new Chief Minister of Karnataka, D.P. Sadananda Gowda, to stand up for justice, safety and conservation and to ban this event and all related events. Sign this petition!

Lets get 5000 people to sign this petition within the next 5 days before the main event on the 18th of September, so we can deliver it to the Chief Minister and have him ban these wasteful parties.

Letter to
Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda
I write this letter to express my concerns about a series of events planned in Karnataka involving huge wastage of edible tomatoes.

La Tomatina, a Spanish festival, is being replicated in Karnataka where people get a big collection of tomatoes and they squish them and throw them on each other. The organisers in India are planning to have two such events in Bangalore and one in Mysore and hence make it a corporate event to earn profits.

I would request you to take some action against these event organisers and ban such a wastage of food in a country like ours where the number of people dying of hunger is on a rise.

India’s global hunger index[1] is very high and 12 states have an alarming rate of malnourishment, Karnataka being one of them. According to the recent 2011 World Food Programme report on India, approximately 25% of the world's hungry poor live in the country and around 43% of children under five years old suffer from malnutrition.

Considering the number of people dying of hunger, it is only reasonable to ban such events and promote edible food being shared with the hungry to eat instead of thrown around.

To sum up my concerns:
- Huge wastage of edible tomatoes
- The quantity of water that will be used to clean the mess
- Possibility of molestation
- Possibility of increase in tomato rates if such events are repeated
- Set back for any nutrition program in the state
- Lack of transparency on the organiser’s part

Though the organiser’s have claimed that they will use in-edible tomatoes and that the part of their profit will go for feeding the needy, they have been unable to present the sources of such tomatoes and the process they’ll undertake to get to the hungry respectively. This is misguiding the residents of Bangalore and affecting the poor at large.

I hope you’ll consider the issue as priority and take an action.


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