Restore Balance of Power to Arizona

Restore Balance of Power to Arizona

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Mandie Gillmor started this petition to State Senator Karen Fann and

This petition is to let your Arizona elected Representatives know you want them return to work by Legislative Special Session for Arizonans NOW to restore balance of power in Arizona!

This petition is a direct call for all elected Arizona Senate and House Representatives to reconvene for Special Session to review the emergency powers and orders of Governor Ducey. 

Arizonans have been WITHOUT representation since 27 May 2020. The AZ House and Senate voted to “Sine Die” that day, which means they completely stopped working for you and relinquished ALL control over to Governor Ducey. Arizona has been under a one-man rule since that day.(Sine Die Arizona)

All decisions and orders have been done unilaterally by Governor Ducey, without any input from the elected officials you voted to represent you. Governor Ducey has also chosen to NOT confer with AZ Attorney General Brnovich on ANY of his executive orders, instead choosing to meet only with his PRIVATE legal counsel. This has proved disastrous for many small business owners. (EO Authority Dooms Small Business)

Senate Majority Leader Karen Fann made it clear on April 26, 2020 that ending EO authority and restoring balance of power means Arizona won’t be eligible for continued CARES FEMA money. (Karen Fann on ending EO) 

Ariizona just received $10,000,000,000 more in Round 2 CARES High Impact Funding. (Round 2 Funding)

Despite being under Emergency Order Executive Authority for nearly 5 months and without representation for over 60 days, many of our elected reps still think it’s not time to get back to work for Arizona. (Some Elected Officials say It’s Time To Review Governor’s Emergency Powers)

There are 2 ways to end the Sine Die and bring the House and Senate back to work to represent Arizona and restore balance of power:

  • Representative Kelly Townsend attempted to bring Arizona back to a balance of power by asking Governor Ducey to call a Special Session. Governor Ducey refused. (Townsend Calls on Ducey)
  • Representative Kelly Townsend then took the initiative to get her fellow reps back to work, which requires a 2/3 consensus in both House and Senate. She got halfway with her petition— ZERO democrat reps signed. And many republicans chose not to as well. Many of those same Republicans and Democrats are currently asking you to vote for them in the upcoming election.(Kelly Townsend Petition)

Think about what this means: The people YOU voted for have not worked for you since 27 May 2020 and many still refuse to special session after being called upon by their constituents and fellow representatives. They refuse to work for you and they have allowed Governor Ducey to run Arizona in a dictator-like fashion.

Even if you are happy with everything Ducey is doing, it means Arizona has zero balance of power here and your elected officials completely have completely checked out of their sworn duties, whilst asking for you to elect them again.

It’s not too late for your elected representatives to return to work via a special session: This petition is to let your Reps know you want them return to work for Arizonans NOW!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!