Stop The Closure Of Kapiti Airport

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Sadly Templeton Group, NZProp Co. the owners of Kapiti Airport have proposed to close Kapiti Coast Airport for future land developments which will cause detrimental effects to Aviation Operations such as losing an Airline Operator Air Chathams and Kapiti Heliworx who both play vital parts with local economy by bringing in trade and commerce and boosting tourism for the Kapiti Region; Kapiti Airport is also home to the Kapiti Districts Aero Club who trains aspiring Pilots to get their wings.

More importantly Kapiti Coast Airport serves as a fuel stop for Emergency Air Services enroute to medical emergencies as well as serving as a Civil Defence hub in times of need and a staging area for Search and Rescue Operations and other significant emergency events, as it is faster, convenient and cheaper than it is going to Wellington Airport which charges phenomenal rates for landing fees and Jet A1 which is an aircraft fuel.

Kapiti Coast Airport is not just a fuel stop for Emergency Operations and commercial air operators, it is also an important fuel and rest stop for recreational pilots travelling North and South.

Kapiti Coast Airport has been a part of many peoples lives and has sentimental value to not just those in the Aviation community but for many people living on the Kapiti Coast, so let's all do our part to keep an iconic and unique airport open for generations to come.

I thank each and everyone of you who sign and support this petition as it means a lot to me and many other people who hold the airport dear to them.