Increasing penalties for assault and battery on Healthcare providers in Kansas: HB 2313

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500! Sign the petition today for resubmission of Kansas House Bill 2313 increasing penalties for assault and battery against a healthcare provider. According to OSHA 75% of workplace violence occurs in the healthcare setting, leaving healthcare providers 4 times more likely to experience a severe act of violence and these statistics are not even accounting for the estimated 50% of failure to report. Although initiatives are being taken to increase education and reporting of assaults on healthcare workers it simply is not enough!  We should not have to live in fear of being threatened, kicked, spit on, hit, scratched, or injured by patients everyday. With the cut in Kansas mental health funding, the emergency departments are seeing these behavioral patients persistently resulting in a steady rise in violent acts against healthcare providers. Now is the time to act!

“Being a victim of assault is not acceptable, and it is not within your job description.”
-Sheila Wilson, RN, BSN, MPH/
co-founder Stop Healthcare Violence


Two thirds of the United States have implemented laws making aggressive acts of violence against healthcare workers punishable as a felony, with Kansas only including a bill for Mental Heath workers employed by state facilities. Kansas House Bill 2313 was introduced 02/18/2015 to amend current Kansas laws by increasing penalties for assault and battery to a healthcare providers, however the bill died in the committee due to lack of progression. It is up to us to change this! Kansas healthcare providers included in this bill embrace all aspects of care including doctors, practitioners, nurses, nurse aides, social workers, fire, EMS, and students working towards the healthcare profession and anyone else providing medical care in a licensed facility. These professions dedicate their time and energy to saving lives everyday, being assaulted is NOT in the job description. Let’s help the Healthcare providers of Kansas alleviate their fears and support their right to practice in a safe workplace. Please sign this petition for reconsideration of Kansas HB 2313!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Tiffany L Brown, Registered Nurse

Emergency Department


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