Let's Compost, Kamloops!

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Dear Kamloops City Council and TNRD,

We, as concerned residents of Kamloops, would like to express our enthusiastic support for a municipal composting program; the collection and processing of residential and restaurant food waste. Organic waste is not garbage.

The Province of BC has a target for municipalities to generate 375 kg solid waste/person (2019/2020) and 350 kg solid waste/person by 2020. Kamloops residents are currently producing 694 kg/person (2018), a number that has increased over the last nine years. Almost half of our waste is compostable, and we would easily reach this provincial target if we started diverting organics from the landfill.

In the landfill, organic matter breaks down in a relatively uncontrolled environment, (mostly anaerobic in the absence of oxygen), mostly venting highly toxic methane. If we stop adding organic matter to our landfill and compost it properly, research has found that methane may not produced at all (more information). In other words, in a changing climate, composting our organic waste is a very effective way to reduce our carbon footprint as a community. Watch this video by the City of Calgary.

Cities across the province have been running successful organic diversion programs for years (Nanaimo has been doing it for over 20 years, and has a goal of diverting 90% of their waste), so there are many cities to learn from.

It is mentioned in several City plans (Kamloops City Council Strategic Plan, Sustainable Kamloops Plan, KamPlan) and the TNRD Solid Waste Management Plan, and while it will happen eventually, we as concerned citizens want to see this project made a PRIORITY.

Eventually, we want to see a ban of organic waste going into the landfill. This is the start of a long process, but we want to see ACTION on this, and the signatories of this petition show our support for this.

Organic waste is not garbage.


Working Group of Organic Diversion