Burn priyanka reddy's rapist alive in public asap.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

I request you all to sign this petition and anyone who has the power to bring this petition into the notice of Hyderabad government and k.chandrashekhar Rao( the cm of Telangana) .Please help. We are the youth of India, We have a pen which is mightier than the sword.

 This petition is not only for Priyanka reddy's case. It is for our every sister who was raped and they didn't get justice.

The youth of India wants to hang the culprit they show their anger on social media but can't do anything. So here in this petition. I am just a spark, I request you all to make this petition a fire. 

Let's show them the power of the youth of India which can bring change without violence. Now to every injustice, a youth should start a petition and share it on their profile. 

Like this one, I suggest 

1 person = 1 petition on something 

It will bring immense change.

Brothers and sisters take my hand and let's start this chain of the petition in India to bring a revolution for every injustice happening in our country.