STOP The Mass Breeding of Rats, Mice and Small Animals for Reptile Feeding In Canada

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Small animals, commonly mice and rats, are kept in terrible conditions in pet and reptile stores, where they live in small tanks and enclosures with little to no hides, toys or enrichment of any kind, until they are bought and fed to reptiles, while still living. These animals are bred and sold for feeding from the second they are born, some only kept alive to grow in order to satisfy larger reptiles. This practice is not only unnecessary, as most reptiles can and will eat frozen small animals, but inhumane, cruel and torturous to millions of small creatures worldwide. It is the definition of animal cruelty, and it needs to be stopped. 

  There are alternatives to live feeding in snakes, and many ethical reptile feeder businesses exist, where their small animals are humanely put to sleep and frozen or sold as is for feeding.

  A common excuse for this practice is that it is "natural" for captive reptiles to eat their prey live. The short answer to this argument is no, no it isn't. In the wild, cages, enclosures and captive breeding do not exist. Snakes and other reptiles in the wild do not feed on a regular, guaranteed schedule with bins of animals of all sizes at their disposal. This is often just an excuse made for people to hide their enjoyment of watching an animal kill another animal as "natural" or "enjoyment" for their reptile. If you believe that animal lives should be entirely natural, then don't own an animal in the first place.

  Another common excuse for live feeding is that the animals were bred to be fed to reptiles, so it's not an issue. Yes, that is true, feeder animals were bred for just that, but that shouldn't make it any better in your mind. If the idea of a person mass breeding living creatures, keeping them in horrible conditions, selling them to be fed to reptiles, and all the while making money off of it sounds ethical and humane to you, then you need to do some thinking.

  Live feeding of small animals to captive reptiles can also harm the reptiles themselves, as the animal can scratch, bite and seriously injure a reptile even while being eaten, especially when in small, enclosed spaces with no way for either animal to escape. Here is a link explaining this issue in more detail:

  Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have already banned this practice. So why do we as Canadians still find it acceptable?

  If you care about this issue and believe that the live feeding of small animals to captive reptiles should be banned in Canada, then please sign, share and spread the word on this issue. Help us make Canada a better place for all creatures, big and small.

Thank you.

Wednesday Nicholson, 16, Ontario Canada.