Prong Collars Should Be Illegal In Canada.

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Prong collars are very common tools in handling not only mischievous, rambunctious dogs, but also quiet, well behaved pups. For those who don’t know, a prong collar is essentially a sharp metal chain that tightens when pulled. When it tightens, it forces the sharp prongs into the neck of the dog, at best resulting in light bruising, at worst, bleeding wounds. This is not safe, humane, or acceptable. In fact, this is a form of abuse, and it is going unnoticed by society. If these abominations become illegal, it will lessen the cruelties these dogs have to go through in their lives. I am the daughter of the two managers of CNIB guide dogs, so I go to a lot of dog related events and I see a lot of puppies. Because of this, it has become very apparent to me that these are used far too often. I see at least one everyday, and it isn’t fair to the dogs, or to the people who buy these collars, not knowing how harmful they can be to both the dog and their relationship with their pet. I hope to raise awareness about animal abuse, as well as making these collars illegal.