Pass by Catastrophe

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    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and the widespread trauma that it is causing students, we are calling on all Universities to immediately cancel the remainder of the current semester, allow all students to return home to their loved ones, and most importantly, automatically pass all students who are currently enrolled in classes this semester.


    Most universities have already announced that all classes will be cancelled effective immediately until the end of March. This is putting immense strain on not only students in these universities, but also on professors who now might have to revamp their entire curriculum to accommodate the local law regarding closure of schools. Professors will have to make their classes available online (if possible), and will have to readjust their midterms and exams. The timing of this is less than optimal. Some students have midterms that have now been cancelled. When will these midterms happen? During finals period? What about finals? The stress this is causing students will most definitely cause students to under-perform and that is not fair to students.    


     In these unprecedented times, we call on our universities to do the right thing and take the mental health of their students, faculty, and staff into consideration. All students should be allowed to return home without worrying about failing their classes. The only way to accommodate this is to cancel the remainder of the semester, and pass all the students.