Mandatory body cameras for all Police enforcement in Canada

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People are getting killed by police across this country with no explanation. We only know the deaths or abuse people have gone through when it is recorded by others. I want to change that by making it mandatory for all police in Canada to wear a body camera instead of investing in military-grade vehicles.

This should have been done a while ago, but sadly in a developed country like Canada that ranks #1 in quality of life they somehow can't do this. This needs federal intervention by Public Safety, Public health and Parliament to make it mandatory for all officers to wear body cams when on duty and not just the RCMP this includes OPP and Sûreté du Québec. 

This shouldn't be thought of as how much will this cost. These are human lives that are getting killed by police and people who are going missing and people who have to experience police brutality. Not only should every officer on duty where one, but every officer who turns the cams off, covers them on purpose or moves them should face suspension and an investigation should be placed immediately. 

This will help hold police enforcement accountable for the things that they hide and cover-up.

This is only the start and this will not be the end!