Make The Canadian National Sex Offender Registry Public

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Predator Poachers Toronto has been active since January of 2020. Within 8 months, our organization has "caught" over 85 adults trying to meet up with whom they believed to be minors (as young as 5 years old) for sexual activity in Toronto, Canada, and the surrounding areas. Our group does not initiate sexual conversation, these adults always do so first, after we inform them of our age. This is a major issue and is absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

Unlike in the United States, we are unable to know if these adults have already been convicted of previous sex crimes. The Canadian Sex Offenders Registry, as of now, is only available to law enforcement, making it private and hard to obtain by Canadian citizens. Why is the sex offender registry unavailable to the public? Do Canadian citizens not have the right to know if they are living next to a registered sex offender? Do we not have the right to ensure safety for ourselves and our families?

Not only is this issue related to child predators, but also involves ANY sex offender convicted of sex crimes, this includes sexual assault, rape, and much more. We have created this petition to give Canadian citizens the right to be confident in ensuring their safety. The positives of a change in the law would create a safer environment for all. We stand with our right to know. Do you?