Legislate Insurance companies to reduce Auto-Insurance Premiums during COVID-19

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We are in a world-wide Pandemic with the Coronavirus COVID-19 and Canada is in a  lock down until further notice. The WHO, Government and medical officials have made it explicitly clear that one of the most effective ways to limit the transmission of the deadly corona-virus infection is to stay at home and practice social distancing, along with other hygienic activities. Non-essential businesses across the country are following this expert advice by allowing their employees to work from home and taking other measures to minimize travel and social contact. Either way, that means people are driving less often than they usually do or simply not driving at all.

Canadians pay one of the highest auto insurance premiums in the developed world!! It is very apparent that in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a financial and personal crisis looming among all  businesses (small, medium or large).

With the above context in mind, this petition is to request the Governments of Canada and Ontario (and others) to negotiate with the auto insurance companies to help alleviate the financial hardships now being faced by a majority of the public, due to closed businesses, reduced employment opportunities and employment lay-offs, by legislating the requirement for Insurance companies to reduce our auto insurance premiums during the COVID-19 pandemic lock down. 

Obviously due to the lock down, restrictions in place have directly reduced the automotive traffic on the road, resulting in a direct correlation with reduced automotive accidents and associated property damage and personal injuries. Accordingly, auto insurance premiums have to be reduced to reflect this new social and economic circumstances. Is it not time to make auto insurance companies acknowledge this reality, by reducing auto insurance premiums and participate in giving back to the community? 

The Governments of Canada and Ontario are doing a great job in terms of the response to the COVID-19 crisis and could support us even more by taking this next step to address  our high auto insurance premiums. I would request you to take a strong stance in this matter, by sharing, supporting and signing this petition to make the Governments take notice and effect an immediate change by forcing these auto insurance companies to reduce our auto insurance premiums during this COVID-19 crisis.  Thank you.