Implement a mandatory anti-bias racism class for all faculties across Canada

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Post-secondary institutions tend to focus on both critical and applicable skill sets to prepare students for entering specified professional fields; however, as educationally progressive as this may seem, what this process fails to implement is the value of teaching racial empathy, social equality and the importance of intersectionality. Students can master economics or engineering, while disregarding the importance of existing racial privileges and biases; an issue that contributes to systemic racial injustices, which can be seen all around the world today. Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his recent acknowledgement of racism in Canada, reflects the current climate of what has been long overdue and what is owed,  to BIPOC- change. As the time has come, we wish to propose a mandatory critical race-theory course, that is to be taught within post-secondary institutions to better educate those on racism. The goal of this proposed course, is to provide Canadian students with the necessary foundational knowledge, to correct and challenge pre existing biases and privileges that paint the narrative for racism in Canada. There will be an emphasis placed on the historical context of First Nations, Black and Asian communities in an effort to alleviate widespread privileges, stereotypes and concerns. This will equip students with sufficient knowledge to address racial issues in a more applicable and critical way. 

If racism can be taught, then empathy, equality and understanding can be too.