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We want the Freedom to choose how we create energy for our homes.

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Have you ever wondered why you pay what you pay for your electricity?  Are you tired of rising energy costs?  Have you ever thought I would love more choice in how I get my electricity?  Are you frustrated with your Energy Utility provider?  

For far too long, we have been restricted and very limited on how we're able to acquire the energy we use in our homes.  We have little to no choice.  Work with one of the monopoly utility companies or work with another one of them.  That sucks because that creates zero competition and unfair pricing structures.  We want home owners to be able to choose how they produce their energy.    

Today we're able to actually produce energy from our own roof leveraging the great technologies of the solar industry.   It is more efficient, more cost effective and once the system is paid off you now have access to free abundant energy for the lifespan of the system (which today is 40-50 years with a warranty on the system of 25 years).  More energy hits the earths surface from the sun each hour than we require for a full year...crazy!

We believe that now is the perfect time for home owners and citizens in Canada to unite around the better way of the future.  We have the ability to make change by standing together.  Join us and help us lead Canada to a future powered by Solar Energy.

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