Help stop the cuts to Ontario Disability.

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Recently, Minister Lisa MacLeod, thought it a good idea to cut a promised 3% increase to Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), to 1.5%...but at the same time, they want to also cut much needed benefits such as Service Dog assistance, and more. Their goal? To get more people off OW and ODSP, and get them out working real jobs. 

It’s all fine and good to want to help, able bodied people on Ontario Works find a job and get off assistance but, many of us on disability benefits didn’t choose to be disabled, it was forced on us by life. We don’t have the luxury of making, more a month than we know what to do with because we’re too busy deciding what to do without, just to survive on the already insufficient amount we get. 

Cutting our money and benefits, means saving money, sure...but may also increase suicide rates, higher need of medical professionals, more medications for those already on meds. It means less food, crappier living spaces, medications we can’t afford that could help us. It means us, needing to struggle every day, just to make ends meet...that don’t meet. All just to give us the strength to make more, out of less. We’re Disabled...not magicians!

The Service Dog Benefit is a whole $79 a month...barely enough for food...but to us that’s a lot. And we already have to fight and get a lawyer, just to get that. Now they want to cut that. Our dogs are our lifelines...many of us can’t function without them. 

Our dogs are our eyes. Our dogs are an extension of our arms. Our dogs are who keep us sane, when all we want to do is curl in a ball, and die. Our dogs are not something they can cut, because they decide, that they wanna save money somewhere. We don’t need less...we need more. More money to help the Disabled people’s. More medications covered under the benefits. More assistance that, doesn’t require the need of a lawyer, just to be heard. More voices fighting for, and understanding us and our needs, that aren’t just trying to line their pockets. We need more people who understand that, while Ontario Works and Ontario Disability both help people, one group has a choice while the other, us, do not. We can’t get normal jobs. We can’t go out and do normal things. We can’t BE normal, no matter how much you push or encourage us. We can’t fit a mold you want to squash us into, without thinking of the repercussions of your actions. We need more!!

Stop hurting us more.......We’re disabled, life’s already hurting us enough!!