Grant British Columbia Independence From Canada

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It is time for British Columbia to stand up to the Canadian Government. For years they have pushed British Columbia around, not caring about our interests or concerns. The federal government comes to British Columbia to build pipelines against British Columbia’s will, eating environmental disasters and not even taking a second look.  Not only does British Columbia suffer because of Canada’s actions, but Canada is worsening its own climate change goals by approving and buying pipelines. British Columbia does not support this and understands that climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue facing humanity today. We feel that with the recent approval and future purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, British Columbia’s interests, values, economy, and culture are threatened by the new pipeline. British Columbia is wanting to separate from Canada to protect our views on the world, as they do not align with Canada’s anymore. Canada is slowing the progression of British Columbia’s economy by forcing British Columbia to invest in oil and bitumen, even though British Columbia is wanting to invest in technology and renewable resources. This will threaten British Columbia’s coastlines and economy, while British Columbia gains only 50 permanent jobs. This is unacceptable for British Columbia and the risks are too great for British Columbia to accept. For these reasons and more, British Columbia does not belong in Canada anymore. British Columbia is to forward thinking for Canada and is being held from reaching its full potential. The only way to allow this would be by granting British Columbia independence from Canada.