Give Animal Abusers Stiffer Penalties and long jail sentences

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We are appalled and sickened over the crimes against animals in our country.  Their safety should be ensured by the laws of the land but we have been failing them.  Puppy and kitten dumping on the side of the road, malicious torturing of an animal and/or total neglect, abandonment and the horrific state of puppy mills.  Seldom do we hear of any righteous punishment for these offenders.  It is time we change this sorry state of affairs. Animal abusers should be incarcerated for a significant period of time.  They should be banned from ever owning an animal. Some sick, demented offenders will go to any extent to hurt an animal.  We should be ashamed that, as a civilized nation, we turn our heads at such atrocities.  Help protect animals by charging abusers with criminal offences and long jail time.  Prove to others that Canada does take the health and welfare of animals seriously.