Canada MUST STOP Funding Pandemics

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We call on the Canadian government, and the governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador to stop funding pandemics. We call on our governments to acknowledge the massive risk of the emergence of and the spread of new diseases and mutations of viruses through the farming of animals, and to stop subsidizing animal agriculture. We call on them to stop subsidizing this industry with our tax dollars, and to help animal farmers to transition to plant-based agriculture.


The World Health Organization says that three out of four emerging diseases are zoonotic in nature, which means they come from other animals. The World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and scientists across the world have been predicting a massive pandemic for many years. In recent years the epidemics that we have experienced that are the result of eating animals are AIDS, Avian or Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS, MERS, Mad Cow Disease or BSE, Ebola, and COVID-19. The so-called Spanish flu of 1918-1919, which killed over 50 million people across the world, is now known to have originated from an animal farm in Kansas. In light of all of this, the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Center for Disease Control, and scientists from across the world have been telling us that as long as humans continue to rely on animals for food and profit, pandemics are inevitable.


Covid-19 has devastated people around the world and here in Canada with illness, death, job loss, business closures, lockdowns, loss of social and cultural activities, and more. Thanks to the tireless effort of many front-line workers, scientists, doctors and researchers, we now have vaccines that may help us out of this mess. Covid-19 has already mutated a number of times, and we are at risk of another new virus because we are continuing to warehouse and eat animals. Vaccines will not be the answer, because viruses mutate and we continue to have new viruses; vaccines cannot be developed quickly enough.

Mink farms:

Covid-19 has already been found on mink farms in Canada. We know that mink are able to pass the virus back to humans, and that they could pass it back with a new mutation, which is what happened in Denmark. New mutations may not be responsive to the vaccines that have already been developed. Farmed mink have tested positive for covid-19 in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, United States, Greece, and Canada. Also, in the United States, a wild mink has tested positive for covid-19, and at least one farmed and covid-infected mink has escaped from a fur farm.

Swine flu:

Swine flu is present in pig farms across Canada and across the world, and scientists tell us that it's only a matter of time before humans become infected again, as they did in 2009. Just a few months ago swine flu was passed to a human again in Canada. Swine flu has been found just this year in animals in Canada, the United States, Brazil, China, India, the Philippines, and Germany.

Bird or Avian flu:

Bird flu, which in 2013 killed people across the world, has been found in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Laos, China, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, India and Israel this year, even as covid-19 devastated the world. Chicken, turkey and duck farms, where hundreds of thousands of birds may live, are the perfect breeding grounds for outbreaks of bird flu.

Mad Cow Disease or BSE:

Mad Cow infected and killed humans in 1996; it recurred in cows in Canada from 2003 to 2005, and again in 2011 and 2015.


Despite all of this, our governments are still supporting & funding these very industries with our tax dollars -- fueling the potential for the next pandemic, which could be exponentially worse than COVID-19 -- and undermining everyone's hard work.

In 2020, our governments gave and promised billions of taxpayer dollars to industries that are destroying the planet, and will likely bring us the next mutation or pandemic:

●     $1.75 Billion given to and promised to dairy farmers by the federal government

●     A $200 million INCREASE in loans to the dairy industry by the federal government

●     $691 million promised over 10 years to poultry and egg farmers by the federal government

●     $62.5 million to the fish and seafood sector by the federal government

●     An additional $125 million in funding to beef and pork producers by the federal government

●     $3.5 million to increase beef production in Newfoundland

●     $2.5 million to cow farmers in Manitoba

●     $12.5 million for Saskatchewan cow and pig farmers

●     $42 million for beef production in Alberta

●     $25 million for pork production in Alberta

●     $5 million for Ontario pork producers

●     $5 million for Ontario beef producers

●     $2.25 million to Ontario slaughterhouses

●     Undisclosed millions to the fur farming industry

Why are taxpayers being used to fund the next pandemic?


a) Stop sending taxpayer money to animal agriculture industries;

b) Ban fur farming;

c) Help animal farmers transition to sustainable plant-based operations.

Please join us in demanding a pandemic-free world for ourselves, and for future generations!