Amend the Canadian School Curriculum to Teach Anti-Oppression & Canada's History of Racism

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The Indian Act. Chinese Head Tax. Legalized slavery. Africville. Japanese internment camps. The Sixties Scoop. Komagata Maru. The 1911 Black Immigration Ban. Residential Schools. Oka. Carding. Louis Riel's state-sanctioned execution. These are all parts of Canada's history - whether we like it or not. Yet, NONE of these stories are discussed in Canadian classrooms. How do we plan to reconcile and begin to move forward as an inclusive and anti-racist country when we are actively raising our kids to become ignorant and apathetic Canadians?

Currently, Canada's education system is plagued by anti-BIPOC racism that continues to perpetuate discrimination and racism against Canada's communities of colour. This is a call to action for our provincial Ministers of Education to amend our current education curriculum and implement a Canada-wide curriculum reform that includes:

1. Implementing mandatory anti-racism and anti-oppression curriculum for K-12 students.

2. Developing a mandatory curriculum for K-12 students that teaches and discusses Canada's history in full - including the countless acts of anti-BIPOC racism that the State has so eagerly tried to erase from our memory.

Acknowledgment of our past is the first step towards a more inclusive Canada. Amend Canada's education system and take a step in the right direction.