Pet dog MURDERED inside society. Driver Bailed Out. Irony of PCA ACT 1960 #justiceforzorah

Pet dog MURDERED inside society. Driver Bailed Out. Irony of PCA ACT 1960 #justiceforzorah

6 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vidushee Chaudhri

Updates as on 09.03.2022:

1. Vehicle impounded at 12.30am on 08.03.2022
2. The accused was arrested on 08.03.2022
3. He was given bail from the Police Station within a few hours same day i.e. on 08.03.2022

There are many news articles celebrating the arrest of Zorah's murderer, but there is more to the story.
Yes, the accused was arrested by the efforts of the local police, but was given bail from the Police Station within a few hours of his arrest. Because KILLING of an animals even deliberately is a non-cognizable & bailable offence in our country as per law, PCA act, 1960.
The next step is court proceedings. We request the judicial system to set an example through this case, so that cruelty, carelessness and negligence against animals should be taken seriously and act as a deterrent for others who think that they have the right to take away innocent lives.
How many of us need to lose our babies before strict laws come in place?
We won’t be able to push it alone, we need your support in this, Strengthen us for amends to be made in the PCA act, so that a greater good comes of Zorah's murder and others don't have to go through what we went through!
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#JusticeForZorah #WillFightTillTheEnd #NotJustADog

WE NEED HELP - Pet Dog - Hit & Run Murder case - Driver roaming freeVehicle not impounded till date:

This gory incident happened in GreaterNoida.

This read will take just a minute of yours, but requesting you to at least go through it once. We really need your support here.

From the moment you decide to become a Pet Parent to the moment of actually having a furry companion brighten your life, one thinks you had everything to do with it but actually they choose you. You were meant to be a part of their life. A bond so deep and selfless, incomparable to any human ties. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? 

It was the same when we'd adopted Zorah 3 years back, a gorgeous Husky, majestic and yet so weak. Her then owners were giving her away to a kennel, so that she could continue birthing puppies. We got her home and everyday she gained her strength bit by bit. Zorah now was a fully grown, strong Husky, so beautiful. 

We are heartbroken. Zorah is no more walking this earth. And we need your Help. Zorah was killed by a ruthless driver who ran his car over her. Remorse is a word alien to this man and he’s convinced that it’s “OK” to kill animals, that the Indian Justice System will not bother with petty cases such as this. This is why we need your help to bring justice to Zorah and to help ensure rights for animals.

Here’s what happened:

Zorah was out on her usual morning walk inside our residential complex. She saw an innova crysta exactly like ours. Thinking it was us she tugged at her leash and unfortunately the clasp broke. She ran to the vehicle and stood on the passenger side with her front legs on the vehicle, looking for us, wanting to get a car ride. Seeing zorah by the side, the vehicle slowed down and then increased the speed. Zorah continued to run alongside the vehicle, trying to get in. Meanwhile suman (our house help) was running behind the car screaming and asking the driver to stop. 

By this time the car’s driven approximately 50 meters. Now the driver decided to have some fun and instigate her by constantly varying the speed of the car and then took a sharp turn at high speed. First running the front tyre over zorah. Despite feeling the impact, he continued to drive and ran the back tyre over her. She gave out a dreadful shriek, the impact and the vehicle pressure made her brains ooze out on the road. Zorah was bleeding profusely and died on the spot. This entire incident happened over a span of 300 meters. 

Where the arrogant and mindless driver instead of stopping the vehicle continuously kept speeding and having fun, costing our baby her life.

Zorah was a big adult dog, a husky. She’s hard to miss. He definitely saw her in his rear-view mirror.
After the impact had happened, he stopped at about 50 meters and came out of the vehicle. He saw what he’d just done. Without any remorse or even a bother he sped away.


An FIR has been lodged. But no action has been taken. The driver is roaming on the streets as a free man with no empathy and enjoying the loopholes of animal cruelty laws in our country.

We want justice for Zorah. How many of us need to lose our babies before strict laws come into place? Why is it constantly being implicated that she was JUST A DOG so you need to get over it and move on? For us she was our child, our baby. Nothing will fill that void.

We need your help and support, to push the authorities to do a proper investigation so that the culprit is brought to the books by the law. 

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In anticipation 

Vidushee Chaudhri

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Signatures: 20,104Next Goal: 25,000
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