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Jaime A. Davidson
Reg. No. 37593-053 (Unit - 4A)
P.O. Box - 2000
White Deer, Pennsylvania 17887-2000
A citizen from the Republic of Panama, Jaime Alexander Davidson,Sr. (aka "El Hijo de Panama, Gringo 'El Original'"), Original Founder of the Reggaeton Culture and Founder of "Prisoners for Change (P4C) & Prisioneros Para Cambio (PPC) Movement" [born from the now, President Barack Obama's run for the United States Presidency & White House, and campaigning under the slogan, "CHANGE!""], has made the name of the "Republic of Panama, Synonymous to Reggaeton."

Davidson came to the United States in 1979 to reunite with his parents, to look for the "AMERICAN DREAM!"
Davidson graduated from Lafayette High School in Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York), in 1986. This is Davidson's first offense and first time in prison.  Davidson is not only an artist: he's a music producer, promoter, DJ, Dancehall Reggae Sound System Owner with his own artists, and special events organizer.  And, since his incarceration, Davidson is now known throughout the entire Federal (BOP) System as an: Educator, well respected bilingual jailhouse lawyer/law clerk, organization's project coordinator, prison organizer for society's plights, motivational speaker, and civil servant, etc., with countless letters/memos of recommendations to support his background.  Davidson's Father, Isaac Davidson,Sr. is a retired "HEAVY EQUIPMENTS ENGINEER" and Military Civilian General, that used to train the U.S. Soldiers returning from the war in the early 1970's, to be able to have a trade to acquire a job in society, from the United States 193rd Brigade in the Panama Canal Zone; his Mother, Shirley Davidson is a retired Data Entry Personnel; his oldest Brother, Lt. Colonel, Isaac Davidson,Jr. (USAF), is a "DIPLOMAT OVERSEAS" for the the United States; his next Brother, Sgt. Major, Rogelio Davidson (USA), is a U.S. Inspector General for the Pacific Coast; his sister that follows, Sgt. Damaris Davidson is in the (U.S. Army's Reserve), with her daughter, Amarelis Avila just winning the "MISS NEW YORK PANAMA" Beauty Pageon;   and his son, Jaime A. Davidson,Jr. has just finished college and is joining the U.S. Army and going to further his studies to become an attorney, etc.  This Panamanian Citizen with dual citizenship, comes from a very educated, well respected, and hard working military family still residing in the United States of America, etc.

On October 30th, 1990, some of Davidson's artists used one of his vehicles in the City of Syracuse, New York and committed a crime during a drug buy and bust that went wrong.  A Syracuse Police Officer, Wallie Howard,Jr. ended up dead.  Davidson was later found involved due to the license plate of his station wagon registered under his name.  When this entire ordeal transpired, Davidson was almost 300 - 400 miles away in Brooklyn, New York.  A thorough investigation by the Syracuse Police Department was executed, which led the Deputy Chief of Police, Frank Sardino to come out publicly and make a statement to the media, that Davidson had nothing to do with the murder or the conspiracy to rob Officer Howard,Jr., further supporting his claims of being "ACTUALLY 'FACTUALLY' INNOCENT!'"  And, Davidson was never charged by the City of Syracuse, New York.
Thereafter, Davidson's two (2) artists and truck driver that were using his vehicle the day Officer Howard,Jr. was killed, were charged, convicted, and sentenced each to 25 years to life by the State of New York.  18 months later, his "NOW," codefendants were brought back by the Federal Government under a new criminal indictment reopening the case, and charged Davidson for the same crime committed by them in State Court.  Once Davidson turned down various offers by the Federal Government to turn into an "INFORMANT FOR THE DEA AND INFILTRATE" the music industry's Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Latin Markets, etc., due to his strong influences on the streets of Brooklyn having a No. 1 Reggae Dancehall Sound System named, "BABYQUAKE HI-POWER!" and extremely fluent in Spanish, English, and Patois, etc., he was finally accused, taken
to trial and convicted for his codefendants crimes i.e., where they were tried twice (under State and Federal Jurisdiction just to convict Davidson).  Now, Davidson is found serving 3 life sentences plus 85 years without the possibility of parole.
The Syracuse, New York Police Department after the murder of Police Officer, Wallie Howard,Jr., refused to launch an "INTERNAL INVESTIGATION" in such a high profile case as this one, and a year later, the DEA also declined to conduct one likewise i.e., because both law enforcement agencies already had personal knowledge that their own agents had killed Officer Howard,Jr.  Jaime A. Davidson has in his possession and it's already filed on the record at the District Court, a tape recorded interview with Dr. David A. Rigle i.e., the "ONLY MEDICAL EXAMINER" that prepared Officer Howard,Jr's "AUTOPSY REPORT" confirming that the Government had lied to him and now discovering how Officer Howard was found sitting after being shot, only proves the fact that Officer Howard,Jr. was "ASSASSINATED BY HIS OWN FELLOW PARTNERS/AGENTS i.e., DEA AGENT, REGINALD TILLERY AND HELPED TO COVER IT UP BY DEA AGENT, JOHN TIERNEY AND 'NOT!' DAVIDSON'S CODEFENDANT, ROBERT LAWRENCE." 
Senior Judge, Neal P. McCurn, in a Court Order dated June 13, 2003, upon considering the tape
recorded interview with Davidson's Forensic Expert, Mr. Robert H. Goldberg,J.D.,M.D, Dr. Rigle, and the Reverend Angela E. Brown (YOUTH TASK FORCE, Executive Director), the judge also found that Officer Howard,Jr. was killed by his own fellow officers and "NOT!" Rober Lawrence. 
Onondaga County District Attorney, William Fitzpatrick and his Office Investigator, Henry Brown have placed a "GAG ORDER" on Dr. Rigle not to speak to anyone regarding the facts mentioned in the tape recorded interview.  And, Davidson's Federal Senior District Court Judge, Neal P. McCurn to keep a lid on Officer Howard,Jr's "ASSASSINATION" from becoming public knowledge, he keeps placing "DOCUMENT REJECTION ORDERS" against Davidson.  All the facts being mentioned herein surrounding this "HIGH PROFILE FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY ELIGIBLE CASE" against an innocent man, can be read at Davidson's website at:

The record must reflect that Davidson's case was "REVERSED & REMANDED" three (3) times to the Syracuse, New York U.S. District Court by the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and the last time, it was by the now, Honorable United States Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor (who President Barack Obama nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court).  The June 13, 2003, District Court Order and August 30th 2005, Second Circuit Court of Appeals Reversal Order continues to be "OUTSTANDING, RIPE OPEN & STILL PENDING FOR A JUDICIAL REVIEW SINCE THEN TO DATE," and now, in Davidson's fifth attempt in all three (3) levels of "JURISDICTIONAL COURTS," even the United States Supreme Court "FEARS!" to touch his case to allow justice to prevail continuing to place Davidson to suffer under a "SERIOUS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE" from a man that's "ACTUALLY 'FACTUALLY' INNOCENT!!!"
Therefore, in light of the "ASSASSINATION OF SYRACUSE POLICE OFFICER, WALLIE HOWARD,JR.," turned "HERO!" with amongst countless dedications... a Multi-Million Dollar Forensic Science Center (Building) bearing his name and holding the truth to his assassination inside said building, not even the Syracuse Post-Standard Newspaper Staff Writer, Mr. Robert Baker wishes to touch Davidson's case.  Mr. Baker made it clear to Davidson that he would not be the first reporter to cover this "GREAT CONSPIRATORIAL CORRUPTION COVER-UP," but if another news media source publishes Davidson's case, then he would cover it.  Davidson is striving extremely hard to reach out for help to people all over the world and on "ALL FOUR (4) CORNERS OF THIS EARTH!" because the Honorable Neal P. McCurn and Federal Prosecutor, John G. Duncan have been  ordering Executive Staff in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) to "SILENCE" this innocent prisoner and placing  "HITS AGAINST DAVIDSON'S LIFE!" and that's literally, and it's all documented in black and white.

In one specific instance at USP - Lewisburg in 2005, S.I.S. Edinger paid another prisoner 20 books of stamps (valued in prison at $100.00), to "STAB" Davidson to silence him and this "PLOT TO KILL DAVIDSON" is still currently being investigated by the BOP and DOJ.  While Davidson cries out to the "EMBASSY OF PANAMA" for help, they only stand on the sidelines without doing anything... witnessing the BOP transfer their citizen to various penitentiaries in the United States andb hoping that he would be killed there, to contact Judge McCurn and Prosecutor Duncan, to notify them that all their troubles and worries with Davidson is now over! Judges, prosecutors, police officers & agents, and politicians, etc., know that as long as Davidson continues to fight his case, their political careers and/or freedom is at stake and in great jeopardy!!!

In closing, Jaime A. Davidson (aka "El Hijo de Panama, Gringo 'El Original'"), is crying out for help to the "WHOLE WIDE WORLD" to intervene before it's too late! and attract some national & international news media coverage to the miscarriage of justice surrounding his case; and, get the attention of President Barack Obama and United States Attorney General, Eric Holder,Jr. {Tel. No. (202) 514-2001 and/or email: finally ordering the execution of a full blown "INTERNAL INVESTIGATION!" which has never been done. 
And, due to the critical "Outrageous Governmental Misconduct & Prosecutorial
Misconduct," Davidson is urgently requesting the dismissal of his whole case with prejudice i.e., following the precedence set
by the case of Ex-Senator, Ted Stevens (MAY HE REST IN PEACE).  Thus, 

Call or email U.S. Attorney General, Holder,Jr. seeking answers with action from the Department of Justice right now!!!

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