Justice for Sue Neill-Fraser

Justice for Sue Neill-Fraser

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(Bob Martyn,               Sue Neill-Fraser,             Robert Chappell.           pictured)


“It Stinks!”, says Robert (Bob) Martyn, of the wrongful conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser. Bob is a long-term friend (since 1980s)and business partner of Sue, (for a time in the  1990s) and also separately, a close  friend of Robert Chappell (since the 1960s).

Bob can attest to the strong bond between Sue and her partner, Robert of 18 years and can state definitely that she would never wish to harm him, let alone murder him under any circumstances.  

What has enraged Bob , about his friend’s case, is that he has not been permitted to give evidence so far in court to counter the claims made by key prosecution witness, Triffet, in particular. Through all these years despite many appeals, vital evidence (including Bob’s) that can prove the innocence of Sue Neill-Fraser, has never been presented in court due to the severe limitations in the appeal process.

Bob has a very strong personal reason to advocate  for a legislative reform that can allow all the evidence of a case to be reviewed with the potential to finally exonerate his friend, Sue from her injustice.

Bob is calling on the Federal Attorney General and state Attorneys General to establish a National or Muliti Jurisdictional Criminal Cases Review Commission!

see here for more background on this need:- http://netk.net.au/Appeals/Appeals8.pdf

A Criminal Cases Review Commission is an independent body that has the power to re-examine evidence, call witnesses and further investigate a case where there is a possibility that there has been a miscarriage of justice.  If it is identified that there is the possibility that a person has been wrongfully convicted, it can be referred back to the appeals court.

In the UK over the last 20 years or so they have overturned some 460 convictions which had otherwise exhausted all avenues of appeal. They include over 100 murder convictions and the convictions of four people who had been hanged. 
In that same time, the US has identified over 2,600 wrongful convictions, more than 500 based upon DNA findings. 

Last year, New Zealand established a CCRC, and this year Canada is proceeding towards the establishment of one. 

Australia is one of the few comparable countries without one.

If Sue Neill-Fraser’s case was re-investigated by a CCRC (independent body), vital evidence that can prove her innocence would have to be considered. If successful,  the matter would be referred back to the appeal court to be re examined. Should that lead to her exoneration, Sue would be  released to go home to her loved ones, including her dear friend Bob Martyn.

If this wrongful conviction can happen to Sue it can happen to anyone. Studies in this area estimate that 3% of the prison population are wrongful convictions. If Australia has a wrongful conviction rate of 3% based upon the size of Australia's prison population that would amount to around 1,200 persons in prison who should not be there.

Many people and their families are suffering unnecessary injustice and pain over many years.

Please sign our petition for a CRIMINAL CASES REVIEW COMMISSION, so that Sue and other wrongful convictions can get the much-needed review of their cases.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!