Justice for George Floyd!

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JUSTICE FOR FLOYD: I am Not black but i have black friends I am a person of color though, I am a Native american who is also half latina I believe all people matter and this means people of color! I am a criminal justice student and I see way to many mistakes regarding the law enforcement and criminal justice system, in this scenario to ignore it, my goal in the long run is not police work but forensic anthropology. What I love about forensics is that it HAS THE POWER TO PROVE POLICE GUILTY TOO! I care about people and proving the truth.  A badge does not make anyone a mercenary! I live locally and am sick of the racist wars, in NO world should being of any color be a death sentence. Please sign in order to get justice for FLOYD! The goal is to see that these police officers receive the punishment they deserve and that a man (George Floyd) that was not resisting or a threat to society gets the justice he deserves. JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD! Do not let this go unanswered just because he was black, all humans have a right to live no matter what color shape size sexual orientation ect! ACT NOW PLEASE SIGN! We have all seen the videos we know the truth these officers need to be charged with first degree murder! https://www.npr.org/2020/05/27/862956646/george-floyds-death-stokes-call-for-minneapolis-officers-to-be-charged-with-murd