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Soha Ali Khan be booked in Nawab Pataudi hunting case - Naresh Kadian

Kindly refer to the FIR No. 191 dated 5-6-2005 lodged with the Jhajjar Sadar Police Station for the violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 read with the Indian Arms Act against Mansur Ali Khan urf Nawab Pataudi and his team. The District Magistrate, Gurgaon vide his order dated May 8, 2008 canceled the Soha Ali Khan arms license, where as Soha Ali Khan Rifle 91501 was a weapon used in crime, seized by the Jhajjar Police on the same day but Soha Ali Khan concealed this facts, never intimated to the Gurgaon District administration. In fact she was not entitled for arms license at initial stage but she misrepresent her case and got arms license after cheating / misrepresenting local administration with criminal conspiracy, her arms license was regularly renewed by the concerned authorities. As per information Rifle No. 91501 was belongs to Soha Ali Khan aunt Saleha Sultan then illegally transferred to Saif Ali Khan and at last Soha Ali Khan, who was bearing illegal arms license which was canceled by the District Magistrate, Gurgaon.
Kindly refer to the said FIR along with the reply of the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon under Right to Information Act, 2005 vide letter No. 58 dated 26-2-2008 about the details of Arms license No. 1/DM/G/November/1996 issued on 5-11-1996.
1. I here by confirmed that NPB Rifle No. 91501 of .22 bore taken by the Jhajjar Police in FIR No. 191 dated 5-6-2005.
2. The said arms license was issued on 5-11-1996 where as the date of birth of Ms. Soha Ali Khan is 4-10-1978 & she applied for arms license as minor.
3. When a crime was committed with the said rifle before then how it was renewed up to 4-11-2008 on 24-10-2005, facts concealed by the Ms. Soha Ali Khan while giving application for renewal on dated 7-9-2005 & the same facts was concealed by the Police in their reports along with the witnesses & this is the offense under the law of the land.
4. Ms. Soha Ali Khan sold her illegal gun & the same was deleted from the illegal arms license then how purchase period allowed up to 10-3-2006 ?. It would be pertinent to mention here that as per DM order dated 7-1-2000 Sh. M.M.A Khan was appointed as Retainer & the gun was sold on 2-4-2003 vide DM order No. 4655 dated 10 / 3 then how Nawab Pataudi was carrying the said Rifle No.91501 which belongs to Soha Ali Khan & there was no DM order as retainer after 2000 in favour of Nawab Pataudi - it means illegal possession of other arms & mishandling of the arms & negligence by the said illegal arms license holder Soha Ali Khan, which is canceled by the administration.
5. The Jhajjar Police recovered the arms license of Nawab Pataudi No. 113 /BPL/ 70 dated 3-11-70, valid up to 31-12-2007 but no arms recovered belongs to Nawab Pataudi, this license might be issued & renewed after 31-12-2007 by the District Administration.
6. Ms. Soha Ali Khan was the main accused being an weapon - Rifle so called owner in FIR No. 191 dated 5-6-2005 lodged with Jhajjar Sadar Police Station but how she was spared and no action has been taken against her u/s 420, 120-B of Indian Panel Code read with the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and Indian Arms Act.
7. Rifle No. 91501 was routed through Saif Ali Khan, where as this weapon was belonged to her Aunt Ms. Sultan and this transaction from Bhopal to Soha Ali Khan be inquired.
I demands the independent inquiry about the transfer of the Rifle 91501 which is case property in Nawab Pataudi hunting case. I can smell the conspiracy along with the violations of the law of the land in the transfer of the arms from Saleha Sultan of Bhopal to Soha Ali Khan via Saif Ali Khan. There may be a chance for double standard applied at the level of the District administration, hence FIR may kindly be lodged against all offenders including Soha Ali Khan for the violations of the relevant laws of the land.

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  • CWLW of Haryana
  • Speaker of Haryana Assembly
  • SHO, Jhajjar
  • Inspector General, MoEF
  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
  • Cabinet Secretary to Govt. of India
  • HE Vice President of India
  • HE President of India
  • Director General of Haryana Police
  • Commissioner of Police

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