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We deplore the action of the Australian government in voting with the US in opposing the UN Human Rights Council inquiry into the slaughter of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza and the maiming of many thousands.

Palestinians were merely protesting eleven years of siege and blockade and the destruction of people, land, homes, schools, hospitals, electricity, sewage and water treatment plants.

We are aware that Prime Minister Turnbull considers the values of Israel and Australia to be the same: derisory about international law, indifferent to human rights, and rejecting the ideals of a common humanity.

Instead of supporting Israeli violence towards the Palestinian people, we ask the Australian government to uphold its claim to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by displaying a modicum of courage and condemning the latest Israeli slaughter and opposing its illegal occupation, oppression, killing with impunity and other systematic human rights violations.

We support the Palestinian people's right to resistance, freedom, justice and self determination.

We call on the Australian government to join the international community by calling for an immediate end to the eleven year Israeli siege of Gaza, the Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the ongoing discrimination and dispossession of Palestinian people.