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Maintain Our Privacy and Peace of Mind. Boycott, Sue, and STOP "Peeple"

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According to several media outlets, "Peeple" is an app that essentially acts as "Yelp for people." Strangers, acquaintances, exes, friends, and enemies will have the ability to publicly rate you online using three categories: Professional, Personal, and Dating.

The original version of this app did not allow for "opting out" - Meaning, you were going to be on Peeple whether you liked it or not. Supposedly, the latest version will not create a profile unless you "opt in" - Although, what their vetting process is and how it will work has yet to be demonstrated.

Public reaction to the app has been, understandably, extremely negative. Some of the issues raised include defamation of character, psychological well-being (particularly among young people), and general peace of mind - In other words, no one wants to worry about whether an unfavorable public profile exists online.

The co-founders of Peeple are smart. Immoral, but smart. Assuming the app is allowed to continue, the site will experience high traffic - Both people who opt in and those who do not, will likely be checking for the presence and content of a profile. The co-founders will profit off of paranoia they've created and personal insecurities that will thrive as a result of this app.

Undoubtedly, damages will occur. Young people will suffer public humiliation, but will hopefully recover safely. Professionals will be open to employment setbacks, thus economic and relationship challenges as well. And, in general, the public will be burdened with the expectation that all we say and do can be "rated" online - the psychological results of such repression can be dangerous.

We who have signed this petition want the co-founders of Peeple, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, as well as Apple and Microsoft to know - We will not participate in nor support such an app. We want you to know we will pursue legal action should this app cause harm - Loss of employment, defamation of character, or in its most extreme form, injury or death.

We will boycott this app, we will speak out against it, we will sue if there are damages, and we will work toward stopping "Peeple."

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