Request President Biden and WHO to help India counter COVID-19 surge

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The current COVID-19 situation in India is dire. In many parts of the country, cases are doubling every 5 days, and unofficial death count may be as high as 17,000/day. Country is running out of hospital beds, oxygen supplies and critical drugs such as Remdesivir. Fewer than 5% of eligible population has been vaccinated and there are reports of double or triple mutants that may be resistant to vaccines.

The Biden administration and the World Health Organization need to help India face this challenge.

We are requesting that Biden administration and the WHO help India through following actions.

  • Provide access to essential ingredients and the know-how for mRNA vaccines so that vaccine manufactures in India can manufacture and distribute these vaccines at scale
  • Provide medicines such as Remdesivir at low cost to address shortages
  • Provide medical grade oxygen
  • Logistical support to set up ICU beds
  • Any other relevant logistical support

Collectively, we cannot defeat this virus unless all parts of our planet have this virus under control. And right now, all hell has broken lose in the second most populous country in the world and unless the US government steps in to help, we are going to see unimaginable suffering in India in the coming days, not to speak of the risk of those variations spreading to other parts of the world.