Freedom of Expression to Eradicate Racism

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Racism is something that is still happening both in Indonesia and also the world. People who are usually minorities get discriminated against only because they are different.  Because of that, those people are suffering heavily socially and also at work. The main reason for actually why I am doing this is that I want people around me to live freely without discrimination. Especially in Indonesia where we have thousands of different people living side to side together. I want people to live with comfort and actually succeed without any discrimination.

The reason I choose racism as my topic is that it is a problem that has been with humanity for centuries. We can’t seem to actually solve it. Until now though it is certainly a lot better than the 1700s racism is still quite alive. The purpose that is trying to be reached is abolishing or minimizing racism even more. Also, try to help discriminated people to actually strive and live happily in Indonesia.

A paper that is published by a professor named Niclas Berggren and also Therese Nilsson suggested that a higher economic and expression freedom would actually affect the tolerance of the government and its people. Other than that, there are also statistics from the Director of The Wahid Foundation showed that Chinese, Jews, and Christians are among the most minorities that get affected by racism in Indonesia. This shows that racism almost always happened to minorities living in a very different cultured country.

The conclusion that I could take is that racism is an act of prejudice or pure hatred directed towards a race. People who are actually racist almost always believe that their race is superior to others. This is usually caused by a lack of education and also less economic and expression of freedom. This is taken from research done that shows a correlation between high economic freedom countries with greater tolerance. Research by a well-known professor shows that Indonesia does still quite has racist citizens. The effects of racism usually come to minorities living in a very different cultured area. Chinese and people who believed in Christianity according to The Wahid Foundation director are one of the most hated groups in Indonesia. This could cause mental problems to people who suffer racism and also probably financial problems. The final solution to actually finish off or reduce racism is to actually push the government to accept a more free economy and also expression. This is the solution that the professor had found. Other than that education needs to be reformed and from youth, people should be thought to tolerate people who are different from them.