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Join The Food Fight

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Help support team Augustine Approved and their mission to challenge the Agvet Code in Federal Court!

“All change starts with a tiny ripple, and this man has already created tsunamis in the animal health arena. Please help to support Phivo and his company Augustine Approved in their quest to change unfair laws that can harm our pets.

My 10-year-old Maltese has been ageing backwards (getting younger) since he started on one of Phivo’s organic products over a year ago. Now my husband won't even go a day without taking it as well (a case of I want whatever he is having)!”
-Robyn Kay

Just like Robyn, I am one of the thousands of loyal and happy customers of Augustine Approved - a company that ONLY has the health of its customers at heart.
Throughout the years I’ve seen testimonial after testimonial of how Phivo uses natural food products to help animals avoid surgeries and even avoid being put to sleep.

Instead of being applauded for his efforts, Augustine Approved has been threatened with legal action. Phivo’s small business is one of many being bullied each year. Why? Because the Agvet Code currently prohibits anyone from promoting the natural health benefits of products marketed towards animal use.

That’s right - one cannot even suggest that coconut oil has anti-fungal properties because in doing so, it would make the product a registrable veterinary chemical medicine! If that is not unethical enough, the registration fees are astronomical and only favour big, chemical companies with deep pockets.

Now that Phivo has been made aware of the unfairness of the Agvet Code he has decided to challenge the legislation in federal court.

His aim is to produce a complementary medicines registration scheme that will allow small businesses to make minor health claims and have a fair opportunity to let customers know the natural health benefits of their products.

This will give the public the option to select between veterinary chemical medicines and natural products.

We ask the Government to work closer with small businesses and support them, rather than targeting them and taking them down.

Please sign the petition and support all the small businesses that are doing the right thing by their customers.

Sandy Hallam & Claudia Zagame

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