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More than 40 million people in the developing world can’t see their children, parents, and friends because they are blind, yet most blindness can be prevented or cured with inexpensive medicine or operations.  With our partners we have the medicines and medical know-how to give millions of people the gift of sight.  But do you and I have the will?

Many cures for blindness are tragically simple.  Trachoma infection causes horrible pain, scarring and eventually blindness… and it affects millions of children around the world.  But a simple $8 operation can fix these problems, sparing a child years of infections resulting in a lifetime time in the dark. Cataract surgery, to replace the eye’s cloudy lens and restore sight, costs $28 for an adult, $121 for a child.

We have the power to stop the tragedy of needless blindness by urging the international community to increase assistance for medicine and medical care that can cure or prevent blindness, and by creating opportunities for blind people who can’t be enabled to see.

Join the call now to help put an end to preventable blindness.

Letter to
The International Community
No man, woman, or child should be consigned to a life of blindness when blindness can be cured or prevented in most cases.

Preventable blindness is an international tragedy and I call upon the international community to end the needless suffering of millions of people.

Poverty and the resulting lack of access to medical care, sanitation and nutrition are the root causes of preventable blindness. These are solvable problems, and we all need to take responsibility to increase global funding for direct medical support.

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