Please don't give Gertie back to the person who abused her!! Gertie deserves a happy life.

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Pig Advocates League is an organization who is dedicated to helping pigs of any size or breed, we ask everyone in the pig community to take a few minutes to sign this petition for Gertie the pig, with hopes that the law enforcement community will realize this isn't just "some pig". Gertie represents pigs from all over the world who are forced to live in abusive conditions, neglected, unwanted, unloved...pigs deserve better than this. Gertie deserves better than this. Please sign and share this petition so when it is delivered to the judge, they realize Gertie has a lot of people standing up and speaking for her, since she cannot speak for herself. One abused or neglected animal is one too many. Don't fail this girl and make Gertie a victim twice!!

Gertie the pig was found by an animal control officer who was sent to a residence of Judy Smith in Tennessee as a follow up about animals in poor conditions they received complaints about. After an inspection, the animal control officer saw none of the animals had food or water, he called a veterinarian out to check the animals and to give a report of their overall health. Five days later, the vet was able to see the animals. While that veterinarian was there, they both noticed a stench in the air and upon further inspection of the pig, it was found that her collar was embedded into her neck and this area was severely infected. The veterinarian gave the approval to remove the pig and the miniature horse from the property. Both Gertie and the horse were removed. Much to their surprise, Gertie gave birth shortly after she was brought to the animal control center, sadly all the piglets passed away as did the miniature horse, who wasn't able to recover from the obvious neglect he sustained.  Gertie continues to be cared for by the staff at the animal shelter.

Gertie has been living at the animal control facility since she was seized from the Lamar community property in early March and placed in isolation until her owners' case can be heard. The case is expected to be heard 12/09/16 at the Johnson City Courthouse. Gertie sits and waits for her fate to be sealed, will she be returned back to the same woman who neglected and failed to care for her? Or will she get the opportunity to go to a loving home? 

This pig has suffered enough abuse at the hands of Judy Smith, please do NOT give her back to this woman. There are pig rescues who have stepped up to offer a home. Knowing the conditions in which she was forced to live, no food, no water and a collar (which pigs should not wear) embedded in her neck, in addition to the death of the miniature horse, should be enough to prosecute this irresponsible pet owner. This is not how a pig should live. As advocates for pigs all over the world, we urge you to carefully consider other homes for Gertie, there are people who would love this pig as part of their family and give her the type of life she deserves. We ask that she be released to an experienced home, one that knows pigs and people who can help her overcome her traumatic past. Gertie deserves this, she has been living in solitary confinement since her seizure and has grown depressed and with no room to truly exercise and be a pig, I am quite certain an experienced and loving home would be ideal for this pig. Please don't punish Gertie. 

If you would like to be present at the trial, it will be held at the Washington County Criminal Court on 12/09/16. The courts start hearing cases at 9am, but there is no particular time assigned to this case. It has been said that there is a remote chance that Gertie will be returned to the same woman who neglected her before. Gertie needs YOU to show up at the courthouse, if you can, and speak up for her and not allow them to return her to this abusive home. They said that anyone wishing to speak needs to call Rachel, the victim witness coordinator, at the DA's office. Telephone there is 423-753-5020. 

We humbly ask that if there is no resolution during the 12/09/16 hearing, please allow Gertie to be removed from the animal shelter and allow her to start her new life. Please allow an experienced home to take her in and love her as she should be loved. Pigs suffer from failure to thrive when depressed and based on all the circumstances surround this horrific case, I am quite surprised she is still with us now. This pig is depending on you to make the best decision for her. She has already been through so much, please don't make her suffer any longer. 

~ Pig Advocates League

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