Give Everyone A/A- This Semester #JHU #DoubleA #Universal Pass

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As the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupts daily life traditions for all people on Earth, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) should urgently adapt to the current crisis and fairly grade students in a manner that justifies the sudden unplanned shift to online learning. JHU should maximize learning opportunities for all students while minimizing damage to their future opportunities. The best solution is to give all students either an A or A- for their courses this semester.

An A/A- semester is better than a P/F (pass/fail) semester. Since students accepted to JHU are already high-achieving students who are motivated to work hard and learn, JHU students already care about their coursework. Thus, earning an A/A- for all courses this semester would properly acknowledge JHU students' work ethic while acting as a reasonable justification given the current global crisis. Additionally, completing coursework during a global pandemic inherently demonstrates superior academic achievement; an A/A- semester would lead to no one being unjustly penalized. #DoNoHarm

Adopting a P/F semester would be damaging to students, especially considering the stigma a P/F system carries for future employers and future graduate/med programs. An A/A- system is necessary, especially for the sake of high-achieving students who were and are now socioeconomically disadvantaged due to resource shortages caused by a global pandemic and national lockdowns, for the sake of high-achieving students who live in unstable abusive homes with no proper space of their own, as well as for the sake of high-achieving students who have inadequate online tools to partake in online learning. Students, especially the ones listed above, need a system that positively influences their GPA, rather than a system does nothing to it, which in turn, would hurt them.

It's imperative that the A/A- system is mandated rather than "opt-in", because otherwise students will be implicitly forced to choose a system to seem more competitive for future prospects, which is extremely unfair to the disadvantaged students listed above and completely unnecessary during times of global crisis.

(This petition for the "Double A" A/A-semester was inspired by Harvard College students currently proposing #HarvardforAll, as brought to my attention by Alice Yang, Aran Chang, and Hannah Lee Scherr who compiled all JHU student concerns in this document.) 

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